DRAWS: Wil Burns Memorial Pairs

The draws are in for the 2nd staging of the Wil Burns Memorial Pairs at Leicester on Saturday July 3rd:

Semi one:
Mark & Craig Whitehead
Norm Venson & Dave Frith
Craig A Norton & Leigh Cossey
Jason Keith & Dan Pike
Mark Winwood & Paul Timms
Lukasz Kaczmarek & Maciej Pudliszewski
John Evans & Chris Ward

Semi two:
Nicky Whitehead & Steve Harris
Toby Millen & Lee Galley
Kev Burns & Craig Marchant
Chris Davies & Andrew Yard
Patrick Beacock & Lukas Nowacki
Paul Share & Steve Perkins
James Collier & Stuart Marsh

Both semis will run in line with each other with a start time of 12:00. The top 3 pairs from each semi-final will advance to the final. There will be 2 run-offs, one between the 4th place pair from Semi-Final 1 and the 5th place pair from Semi-final 2 and the other between the 5th placed pair in Semi-Final 1 and the 4th placed pair in Semi-Final 2. These races will be scored as 4,3,2,0 and the winning pair from each run-off will join the top 3 from each of the semi-finals for an 8 pair final