MATCH REPORT: B Y & J L South West & Wales Round 1 at Poole – Sponsored by Brett Tucker

Report by Graham Sutton

Glorious weather, a healthy crowd and an encouraging rider response from regional clubs created the perfect return to
BYJL racing at Harbourside Park after an absence of two years. There were plenty of new names in the Under 8’s but it
was seasoned campaigner Lullah Curtis who delighted the home supporters with five unbeaten rides several of which
featured some swift overtaking moves. Exeter tracked a total of 14 riders for the days event and Daniel Parker was top
of the pack with an A final win in the Under 10’s from the gate 1 position.

The generational side of the sport was in evidence as we progressed to the Under 12’s with names like Geach, Boaler and Nation featured in the 16 rider line-up. This proved to be a hotly contested group with Teddy Curtis matching the success
of his younger sibling Lullah by outpacing Reily Nation and Alfie Boaler to clinch the A final winners trophy. The Under 14
round was expected to be a match-up between great rivals JJ Wildman and Kenzie Bennett and sure enough they fought
tooth and nail for three and a half laps of the final before the pair clashed on the final bend allowing a surprised Leon
Penketh come through to collect a winners trophy for the delighted Southampton contingent.

Nine girls and six Under 18’s completed the programme bringing the total number of competitors to 65 – a little short of
the usual number for this venue but with the final round of Covid relaxations still several weeks away, it was a very
encouraging return to action. Nathan Goulden was in a class of his own in the U.18 group and put a marker down for national events in this age group. Clubmate Maddie Saunders also went through the card in the girls event with
some jet propelled starts reminiscent of a certain lady rider who recently graced this shaleway!

As the season progresses, it would be good to see a few more familiar names who are yet to return to action and
maybe a few more new recruits so that the BYJL continues to act as the number 1 pathway to the sports’ survival.

UNDER 8’s:
A 1st Lullah Curtis

A 2nd Roman Boaler

A 3rd Wiktor Topcijs

A 4th Leo Parker

B 1st Tom Comben

B 2nd Jackson Chapman

B 3rd Wiktor Pieczora

B 4th Max Strong

C 1st Ed Geach

C 2nd Adam Palka

C 3rd Alice Powell

C 4th Emily Young

D 1st Emma Blissett

D 2nd Deacon Wicks

D 3rd Georgia Parker

UNDER 10’s:

A 1st Danial Parker

A 2nd Kacper Pieczora

A 3rd Sam Comben

A 4th Matthew Medrycki

B 1st Filipe Carter

B 2nd Jayden Jenkins

B 3rd Ethan Blissett

B 4th Natalia Palka

C 1st Megan Geach

C 2nd James Seaguss

UNDER 12’s:

A 1st Teddy Curtis

A 2nd Reily Nation

A 3rd Alfie Boaler

A 4th Jamie Randall

B 1st Rudy Penketh

B 2nd Joe Gillespie

B 3rd Alfie Batton

B 4th Kieran Legg

C 1st Maxim Topcjis

C 2nd Jake Geach

C 3rd Matthew Bees

C 4th Olivia Young

UNDER 14’s:

A 1st Leon Penketh

A 2nd Ollie Saunders

A 3rd Kenzie Bennett

A 4th JJ Wildman

B 1st Sonny Whale

B 2nd Connor Legg

B 3rd Tyler Seabright

B 4th George Whale

C 1st Mason Wicks

C 2nd Harvey Yard

C 3rd Harry Marsh

C 4th Lucca Carter

UNDER 18’s:

A 1st Nathan Goulden

A 2nd Owen Geach

A 3rd Feroze Langoo

A 4th Josh Nottle

B 1st Sam Marsh

B 2nd Alex Dixon


A 1st Maddie Saunders

A 2nd Daisy Sherwood

A 3rd Anna Tuttle

A 4th Natalie Goulden

B 1st Shannon Tucker

B 2nd Lexie Curtis

B 3rd Emma Johnson

B 4th Charlotte Geach

C 1st Sophie Bees

1. Poole 297 – 25 Riders

2. Exeter 138 – 14 Riders

3. S’thampton 105 – 9 Riders

4. Horspath 89 – 8 Riders

5. Newport 80 – 9 Riders

6. East Newport 0