INTERNATIONAL: Provisional schedule for Minneapolis visit

Pete Barnes has been in touch to say that contact has been made with the Short Track Cycle Speedway Club in Minneapolis USA regarding a proposed visit in July 2022. It would take the form of a development program with racing events and early plans are as detailed:

Tuesday 5th July.

Direct flight from London Heathrow to Minneapolis with Delta Airlines.

Wednesday – Friday 6th – 8th July.

School promotion visits and evening racing events. Optional sightseeing.

Saturday – Sunday 9th – 10th July.

The host club will arrange international racing events.

Monday 11th July.

Return flight from Minneapolis to London Heathrow via New York with Delta Airlines.

Tuesday 12th July.

Arrive London Heathrow early morning.

At present the Australian Cycle Speedway Council have indicated their interest in paying a visit during the same period. For further information including projected flight and accommodation costs please contact Pete Barnes as follows:

01202 245087