MATCH REPORT: Angell is King of the North

Report by Rob Mawhood, Photos by Nicola & Wil Banyard

Hulls Andy Angell raced to a 20 point maximum score, to claim his fourth Northern individual title, at Sheffield’s Cookson track. Andy started by winning heat three from grid 4 in the fastest time of the day (38.51), defeating rivals Reece Pollitt and Kris Ramsden. He was headed only once more, having to get the better of Nathan Everett-Atkinson (the defending champion) in heat 14. Kyle Holland finished a well deserved runner up on 17 points. Nathan completed the podium, scoring 16 points for third.
Ed Morton (15) and Reece Pollitt (14) both saw their hopes disappear with an exclusion. Ed moved at the tapes in heat three, with Reece excluded in heat five when bringing down Kaysar Mohammedi on the first turn after falling when his handle bar grip came off.
Steve Harris belied his years to score 15. While Sheffield’s Kielan Burton, the youngest rider in the line up, scored 14 points, his racing vastly improved since his recent Young England debut. Kaysar Mohammedi started with two wins, but then shed a chain in his third race to take him out of the running.

The Senior podium
Andy Angell winning his opening ride from Reece Pollitt and Kris Ramsden.


Andy Angell (Hull) 20, Kyle Holland (Sheffield) 17, Nathan Everett-Atkinson (Hull) 16, Steve Harris (A and T), 15, Ed Morton (Sheffield) 15, Kris Ramsden (Bury) 15, Kielan Burton (Sheffield) 14, Reece Pollitt (A and T) 14, Kaysar Mohammedi (Bury) 12, Eryk Motala (Bury) 12, Terry Norman (Stockport) 9, Laura Watson (Sheffield) 9, Ben Dunford (Bury) 8, DanTeal (Hull) 8, Matt Eglen (Hull) 7, Ryan Tomkinson (Hull) 6.

Referee – Darren Kent (Heckmondwike)

Astley and Tyldesley took the top spot in four of the other age categories to be top club. In what might be a record each event was won by a rider completing a maximum score.

The days racing started on a very wet track, heavy morning rain was followed by a couple of further downpours during the under 10’s and 16’s events (which opened proceedings.

Sheffield’s Oliver Banyard took the under 10 title with five comfortable wins, he posted the quickest time in heat one and was consistently 2 seconds quicker than his opponents. Sheffield gained a 1-2 with Seraphina Green scoring 18 points for second place. A run off was needed to decide third place, Bobby Dunphy beating Bury team mate Harry Dunford to complete the podium. Harry Gibson (Hull) won twice to finish on 16, while Sheffield seem to have discovered another Star with Lyndon O’Hara gaining a top 6 place on his race debut (having had just two training sessions).


Oliver Banyard (Sheffield) 20, Seraphina Green (Sheffield) 18, Bobby Dunphy (Bury) 17, Harry Dunford (Bury) 17, Harry Gibson (Hull) 16, Lyndon O’Hara (Sheffield) 15, Levi Edwards (A and T) 14, Will Hollich (Hull) 14, Eddie Owolabi-Oshea (Sheffield) 12, Danny Cowley (Sheffield) 11, Phoebe Cromwell (Sheffield) 11, Jayden Bennett (Hull) 9, Toby Darlington (Sheffield) 8, Lincoln Ackroyd (Sheffield) 7, Aiden Cromwell (Sheffield) 6, Charlie Dunford (Bury) 5.

Referee – Ed Morton (Sheffield)

The under 16’s, which was run at the same time, was dominated by Duncan Whalley (A and T) who won his first title of the day with four wins. Twice though he had to battle to pass Liam Bennett, who was making some electrifying starts. Sheffield gained another runner up spot with Sam Stansfield, who had to pass Liam Bennett in each of his four races to score 12 points.


Duncan Whalley (A and T) 16, Sam Stansfield (Sheffield) 12, Liam Bennett (Hull) 7, Laythan Sharp (Sheffield) 5.

Next on the track was the under 13’s and 19’s. Racing was getting faster and closer, as the track began drying out.
Duncan Whalley completed his quick fire double, winning the under 13’s with a maximum 16 point score, this time having to pass nearest challenger Tom Dunphy in heat four that saw him post the fastest time (42.97) for his second cash prize win. Oliver Banyard, the youngest competitor, took third place on 14 points.


Duncan Whalley (A and T) 16, Tom Dunphy (Bury) 15, Oliver Banyard (Sheffield) 14, Laythan Sharp (Sheffield) 13, Lacey Ackroyd (Sheffield) 12, Robin Darlington (Sheffield) 11, Kacey Bennett (Hull) 10.

Referee – Kyle Holland (Sheffield)

Kaysar Mohammedi won Bury’s one title, winning the under 19’s with a maximum score. His nearest challenger was Kielan Burton, who posted the quickest time of 40.65 in heat three to collect the cash prize. Their meeting in heat 7 was a classic race, both going at speed for four laps and separated by a tyres width as they crossed the finish line.
Jack Lister took third place, and was just 0.02 off the cash prize for fastest time.


Kaysar Mohammedi (Bury) 16, Kielan Burton (Sheffield) 15, Jack Lister (Hull) 14, Charlie Burgess (A and T) 12, Emily Burgess (A and T) 12, Dan Teal (Hull) 12, Sam Stansfield (Sheffield) 10, Ryan Tomkinson (Hull) 9.

Referee – Kyle Holland (Sheffield)

The Women and Vets events were next on track, both won by A and T riders who successfully defended their titles.
Emily Burgess won the Women’s event, after being promoted from first reserve when Lacey Ackroyd withdrew from racing. Emily also won the cash prize for fastest time, 40.94 in heat one.
Laura Watson was nearest challenger, picking up second place on 13 points. Niamh Morton finished third overall after defeating Jess Banyard in a run-off, both having scored 7 points.


Emily Burgess (A and T) 16, Laura Watson (Sheffield) 13, Niamh Morton (Sheffield) 7, Jess Banyard (Sheffield) 7, Jorja Banyard (Sheffield) 6.

Referee – Mike Hack (A and T)

Steve Harris produced a master class in racing to successfully defend his vets title. Steve finished with a maximum 16 points, but had to pass in three of his four races. First he got the better of Darius Pilas, who would finish as runner up in his first Vets competition, then it was Terry Norman (who he coaxed into a mistake on the exit of turn four of lap two). His toughest race though was against Luke Morton, who kept Steve at bay for three laps. Steve also posted the fastest time (40.12) in heat five.


Steve Harris (A and T) 16, Darius Pilas (Sheffield) 15, Terry Norman (Stockport)14, Luke Morton (Sheffield) 13, Rob Mawhood (Sheffield) 12, Barry Ashton (Hull) 11, Steve Mann (Bury) 10.

Referee – Mike Hack (A and T).