RESULTS: Norfolk Go-Ride Round 3

The third Norfolk HSBC GO-RIDE and Grand Prix event was held at Eaton Park and some slick organisation ensured that 36 races were completed before dusk as the series gets even more popular.

With some series leaders absent it was time for others to grab the glory. In the Under-8s Oscar Copeland came from behind to secure the gold medal and in the Under-10s, with Connor Jarrett opting to step up to Under-13, Zachary Eastwood survived a heavy crash to win a delayed rerun. Connor’s rivalry with Aiesha Musa in the Under-13s has been a big feature of the series and once again he just held off a strong challenge to win.

Mason Martin won the Under-16s by default but made the Senior A Final and it was his brother Daniel who made it a double win as he took advantage of a first lap gap to speed past Jamie Medler and hold on to the chequered flag.

In total there were 31 riders taking part but the highlight was the impressive form of riders making their debuts – Ralph Silvester, Kenny Culling, Stanley Budds, Harry Dodds, Amelia Dodson and veteran Rory Freeman back in action after over 20 years.

The action returns to Eaton Park again next Wednesday (6.45) before moving to the floodlit tracks for rounds 5-8.


A – 1 Oscar Copeland 2 Ralph Silvester 3 Noah Cameron 4 Arlo Davies
B – 1 Grace Cameron 2 Remy Davies

A – 1 Zachary Eastwood 2 Jamal Musa 3 Kenny Culling 4 Lola Martin
B – 1 Stanley Budds 2 Austin Brailey

A – 1 Connor Jarrett 2 Aiesha Musa 3 Harry Dodds 4 Tabitha Nierop
B – 1 Amelia Dodson 2 Matthew Sidell 3 James Hankey

A – 1 Mason Martin

A – 1 Daniel Martin 2 Jamie Medler 3 Mason Martin 4 Tom Blackmore
B – 1 Paul Delaiche 2 Rory Freeman 3 Katie Adams 4 Nigel Longlands