CLUB NEWS: Under strength Hawks rely on Martin Family

HETHERSETT HAWKS / YELLOW BRICK MORTGAGES were once again below full-strength for the visit of Kesgrave in the South East League. They had to rely heavily on the Martin family with strong riding from Daniel and Mason supported by father Dave chipping in with some teamwork for three rides. Paul Delaiche made up for some poor starts to produce some good passes, including one over the unbeaten Gary Brown. In the end too long a tail made it an easy enough win for the visitors.

(Mason Martin 17, Daniel Martin 15+1, Paul Delaiche 15, Dave Martin 7+2, Rod Burke 5, Katie Adams ,5 Will Clarke 5)

In the Youth League match the Hawks were given a glimpse into the future as the Kesgrave academy has produced a number of top young riders over the years and they were on show in this match to demonstrate where the progress the young Hawks are making will take them if they keep training and learning. The Kesgrave riders were generous in their support on the track encouraging the Hawks to take up positions they could have often secured themselves early in races. The Hawks were not helped by losing Harry Dodds who got injured warming up. Aiesha Musa gave a strong performance and was rewarded with a win in an all-girls nominated race after two restarts. The team have also to remind themselves they are in an Under-16 League and their oldest member was only 12. Amelia Dodson got her first taste of team racing.

(Aiesha Musa 14, Will Clarke 9, Luca El Labany 7, Amelia Dodson 6+2, Thalia Silver 5+1, Jamal Musa 5, James Hankey 4, Harry Dodds 2)

The Hawks’ next League action is not until the reverse fixture on October 24th but there are Club championships on October 10th and Norfolk Championships on October 17th.