MATCH REPORT: Tigers win Kesgrave’s 2021 SPARK League

Report & Photos by Andrew Parr

Once again Kesgrave’s SPARK League has been a resounding success and often quoted by riders as the most anticipated event on Kesgrave’s cycle speedway calendar.

This year, the standings after five of the six rounds were: Tigers 17pts, Leopards 15, Pumas 15, Lions 14, Jaguars 14 and, with 5pts for a win, all five teams still had a chance of being champions.

The sixth and final round took place on Sunday and, having won the previous two rounds, the in-form Jaguars needed a win and other results to go their way in order to claim the title.

Continuing their excellent form, the Jaguars duly claimed victory to finish on 19pts, however, a third place finish for the Tigers was enough to secure the championship by one point.

Round 6 result: Jaguars 5pts, Leopards 4, Tigers 3, Pumas 2, Lions 1

So at the end of an extremely tight and exciting championship, the final standings are:

Tigers 20pts, Jaguars 19, Leopards 19, Pumas 17, Lions 15

Rider’s Rider Of The Day – Brody Harris before his unfortunate tumble with Tiger Archie Rawlings behind
Best Team Mate Of The Day – Connor Jarrett (Jaguar – Pink) protecting his team mate Demi-Blu Harris from Puma, Lynton Titshall
The Tigers, 2021 SPARK League Champions : Back Row – Club Chairman, Matt Parr.
                Middle Row (L-R) – Theo Case, Harvey Shumake, Ryker Jolly and Amberley Gant
                Front Row (L-R) – Archie Rawlings, Sienna Hammond (holding the SPARK League trophy), Leo Greening (guest rider from Ipswich Eagles) and Ryker’s two cousins (who did not race)
 Best Move Of The Day – Amberley Gant (Tiger – Orange) passing Connor Jarrett (Jaguar – Pink) with Puma Ella Case giving chase

At the end of each round three individual trophies are awarded:

Best Move Of The Day

The Best Move Of The Day trophy was won by the Tiger’s Amberley Gant for her stunning pass around the outside of Jaguar’s Connor Jarrett (Norwich rider but affiliated to Kesgrave).

Best Team Mate Of The Day

Connor was rewarded with the Best Teammate Of The Day trophy for a performance belying his age in protecting team mates at the expense of individual glory.

Rider of the Day

Chosen by Torsten Jolly and Charlie Parr, round 6 Rider Of The Day was Puma, Brody Harris. Brody suffered a heavy crash early in proceedings but, after a lengthy delay, recovered to contribute to his team’s score.