MATCH REPORT: Hethersett Club Championships

HETHERSETT HAWKS / YELLOW BRICK MORTGAGES staged five hours of entertaining racing that the 25 riders and their supporters enjoyed as they staged their Club Championships. The afternoon was dominated by the Martin and Musa families as they went away with seven titles, the only exceptions being the Under-8s and Under-13s.

In the Under-8s Oscar Copeland was untroubled in his five rides while Ralph Silvester finally put five rides together without falling off to become runner-up. Noah Cameron overcame some poor starts to secure third place as he gets used to a larger bike. The Under-16s was never in doubt for Mason Martin but the best racing was between the next two who were equally matched and needed a race-off to decide the minor places – Will Clarke looked favourite having won the toss but a strong start and first bend saw Harry Dodds go clear.

Confidence is something coach Nigel Longlands has been trying to emphasise with the youngsters and in the Under-10s Jamal Musa showed how much he had listened as he sped to the front of his races and did not look back not allowing his main rival Luca El Labany any chance to find a passing line. Lola Martin put four tidy races together to finish third. Paul Delaiche set the early pace in the Under-19s but Mason Martin won his remaining three races and won his second title of the day. Daniel Martin was always in contention but slipping on corners left him chasing most of the time.

The third set of categories were the most completive and eventful – Under-13s and Seniors. Aiesha Musa’s early win over Harry Dodds looked significant but Harry got his revenge later and, after an unusual bike seizure, Aiesha’s change of machine reduced her chances of passing an inspired Will Clarke in her final race. This gave Harry the chance to win his last race and claim the title outright. Mason Martin outshone all his peers in the Senior event winning his firs three races and recovering from a near fall in his last to follow Paul Delache home to become one of the youngest ever winners of the title which Hawks have contested since 1966 and take the Hurrell Individual Trophy home – one that originated with the former Hornets club of the 1940s. Paul was runner-up and Daniel Martin saw off his father Dave in a race-off for third place.

After that intense racing it was time for the more fun events as the Ladies and Veterans took to the track. Both events were won by maximums – Aiesha Musa and Dave Martin – but the competition for podium places in the Veterans kept everyone on their toes. The final event was the Maiden Plate for all riders who have never one any of the Club Championships. Daniel Martin was the most experienced rider in the field and he had the luxury of allowing youngster Remy Davies a victory in his last race to wide acclaim. The highlight was a one-family race when Thalia Silver narrowly defeated both parents on the line. Finally there was one more good race as James Hankey passed Alex Osborne in a race-off – a fitting end as both riders had competed all afternoon.

Hopefully all of these riders and others who were unavailable will be at Eaton Park next Sunday for Norfolk Championships which have a similar format and start at 1 p.m.

The riders who raced in the Maiden Plate
The Under 10’s

Full Results –

Oscar Copelland 20, Ralph Silvester 18, Noah Cameron 16, Arlo Davies 13, Remy Davies 12, Grace Cameron 11
Mason Martin 16, Harry Dodds 10, Will Clarke 10, James Hankey 4
Jamal Musa 16, Luca El Labany 14, Lola Martin 12, Oscar Copeland 10, Austin Brailey 8, Arlo Davies 6, Remy Davies 4
Mason Martin 15, Paul Delaiche 13, Daniel Martin 8, Alex Osborne 4
Harry Dodds 15, Aiesha Musa 14, Will Clarke 13, Thalia Silver 9, James Hankey 9, Alex Osborne 5, Austin Brailey 5
Mason Martin 15, Paul Delaiche 13, Daniel Martin 11, Dave Martin 11, Harley Hamill 8, Rob Silver 6, Katie Adams 5
Aiesha Musa 16, Lola Martin 12, Thalia Silver 8, Jo Silver 4
Dave Martin 16, Nigel Longlands 11, Rod Burke 10, Rob Silver 9, Jo Silver 4
Maiden Plate
Daniel Martin 15, Thalia Silver 14, James Hankey 13, Alex Osborne 13, Jo Silver 12, Remy Davies 11, Austin Brailey 11, Arlo Davies 10, Rob Silver 9