MATCH REPORT: Welsh Riders Championships at East Newport

Report sent in by Rob Absalom

Under 10s

On a damp and dark Sunday afternoon, 40 Welsh riders descended on the East Newport track to compete in the 2021 Welsh riders and the sizeable crowd were treated to some great racing throughout the day. Starting at midday during a small shower, the under 10’s took to the beautifully presented circuit and committed to racing for every point they could muster in order to reach the final. Newport’s Jayden Jenkins and Ipswich rider Maisy Baker thrilled everyone with racing far above their young age. The four riders to reach the final, gave us one of the best races of the day but there could be only one champion and first blood went to Jayden Jenkins whose fan club cheered loudly each time his name was mentioned.

Qualifying match

Maisy Baker (Ipswich) 15, Kaylen Martin (Newport) 14, Jayden Jenkins (Newport) 14, Tyler Davies (Newport) 13, Kasper Pieczora (Newport) 11, Tom Parr (Kesgrave) 11, Tamsin Evans (Newport) 10, Quinn Demarco (East Newport) 8 , Victor Pieczora (Newport) 8, Isla Lewis (Newport) 6, Dewi Nixey (Newport) 6


1st Jayden Jenkins, 2nd Maisy Baker, 3rd Kaylen Martin, 4th Tyler Davies

Under 13’s

With the rain still trying to upset the day but failing to dampen the Welsh riders spirits the next match up was the under 13s. Some of the under 10 chose to race again in the higher age category which was great news for the crowd, and they didn’t disappoint. Four riders made the final after some frantic racing on a grippy surface that offered great passing opportunities. Ipswich rider Detlan Baker was one to stand out as a future name with a display of power and Lily Parr from Kesgrave looked every bit a speedy tactical rider with some great sensible riding.

Qualifying match

Detlan Baker (Ipswich) 16, Lily Parr (Kesgrave) 15, Mitchell Baker (Ipswich) 14, Harry Marsh (Newport) 14, Esme Lewis (Newport) 13, Luie Lewis (Newport) 13, Jayden Jenkins (Newport) 10, Kaylen Martin (Newport) 9, Matthew Bees (Newport) 9, Kasper Pieczora (Newport) 8, Mia Edmunds (Newport) 8, Kaitlyn Jenkins (Newport) 8, William Rosser (Newport) 8


1st Detlan Baker, 2nd Lily Parr, 3rd Mitchell Baker, 4th Harry Marsh

Under 16’s

With the skies beginning to clear the track became dry and firm and this was just in time for the older riders to cope with a fast grippy track well suited for some great racing. Kesgrave’s Charlie Parr became deserved U16 champion after running through qualifiers and final unbeaten. It seemed nobody could get close to the turn of speed he was capable of producing although Newport’s Sam Marsh was the closest to upsetting the apple cart but was just lacking on the day.

Qualifying match

Charlie Parr (Kesgrave) 16, Detlan Baker (Ipswich) 14, Sam Marsh (Newport) 14, Harley Barter (Newport) 13, Luie Lewis (Newport) 12, Lily Parr (Kesgrave) 12, Harry Marsh (Newport) 9, Sophie Bees (Newport) 7, Diego Martin (Newport) 7


1st Charlie Parr, 2nd Sam Marsh, 3rd Detlan Baker, 4th Harley Barter


The Welsh Riders open packed a great line up with current and former champions all trying the best to win bragging rights to being Welsh Champion. Riders from 5 clubs filled out the scoresheet and under blue skies treated the crowd to some top exhibition racing and inevitable tumbles. East Newport’s Dan Wright suffered an unexpected loss to teammate Neil Power in his first race after Neil pulled out a great gate from gate one to lead the race all the way. An upset was on the cards after Dan suffered another third place in his third ride after some dogged battles with Newport Chris Davies but after just scraping through to the final on 12 points and finding himself on grid 4 the task to retain the title seemed difficult but what a first bend move from the youngster as he swept under all three riders coming out of turn 2 and then raced away to win the title once again.

Qualifying Match

Fraser Garnett (Poole) 15, Sam Marsh (Newport) 14, Mark Winwood (Birmingham) 13, Dan Wright (East Newport) 12, Matthew Parr (Kesgrave) 11, Charlie Parr (Kesgrave) 10, Ieuan Payne (East Newport) 10, Neil Power (East Newport) 9, Martin Davies (Newport) 8, Chris Davies (Newport) 8, John Brosnan (Newport) 5


1st Dan Wright, 2nd Fraser Garnett, 3rd Mark Winwood, 4th Sam Marsh

Over 40s Vets

When the vets take to the track there’s long standing rivalries and friendships that makes for great racing and this event produced some top-drawer racing with an abundance of top passing moves and cycle skills that take a long time to hone to perfection. After taking a nasty tumble in the previous open event East Newport’s Neil Power had to withdraw from the event due to bruised ribs and we wish him a speedy recovery. Birmingham’s Mark Winwood showed no lack of pace or fatigue from taking 5 rides in the open to race away for another unbeaten scoresheet in the over 40s and deservedly won the title of Welsh Champion for 2021.

Qualifying match

Mark Winwood (Birmingham) 16, Colin Simmons (Newport) 14, Stuart Marsh (Newport) 12, Rob Absalom (East Newport) 11, Chris Ward (Horspath) 10, Martin Davies (Newport) 7, Neil Power (East Newport) Non Starter


1st Mark Winwood, 2nd Stuart Marsh, 3rd Colin Simmons, 4th Rob Absalom