CLUB NEWS: Hull CSC Update

Hull Cycle Speedway

Hull start preparations for the new season with the commencement of training on Tuesday 15th February with sessions for Juniors at 6pm and seniors at 7.30pm. In addition sessions will also be held every Sunday up to the first league match away to Sheffield on the 13th March. Seniors will be training at 11am and Juniors at 1pm.

The club will also be holding British Cycling Go-Ride Racing Grand Prix’s for Juniors and Seniors throughout the season. These will be held every month, commencing in April, and running until September. They will be held on the regular Tuesday club nights. The top four scores in each event will count to the overall title.

The track was re- laid in November and has bedded in well and is all ready for the commencement of racing. Work was completed last weekend on an upgrade of the floodlights which should prove beneficial during the early weeks of training. In addition the track and facilities are all covered by the club’s own CCTV system. This covers the track which should there be any controversial racing incidents allow it to be referred to the VAR referee in the clubhouse!!!