MATCH REPORT: Frank Knight Memorial meeting

Report by Robert Mawhood, Photos by Nicola & Wil Banyard

Ben Mould dominated the the 4th annual Frank Knight memorial meeting, winning with an exquisite 20 point maximum.
The Cookson Park track was bathed in unseasonal spring sunshine, all the riders looking surprisingly fast for this early in the season. The meeting started with a timed flying one lap, which determined the riders position to choose which race number to take. Ben with 9.12 was quickest (picking up his first cash prize), from Ed Morton, Chris Timms, Reece Pollitt and Paul Heard.
Ben selected the number 11, which proved to be the perfect choice. The opening four races saw regulation wins for Paul Heard, Chris Timms and Reece Pollitt. Moulds first race was quite dramatic, and his only trouble of the day. Ben was trailing in fourth when brought down by the falling Pierce Bacon (who had the most unluckiest of meetings). With Pierce excluded Ben again found himself at the back, behind Dariusz Pilas and Lewis Foxley. But a brilliant turn of speed saw him go from third to first around the outside on the run to turn one of lap two.
Reece Pollitt won his second grid one to take the early lead. Paul Heard dropped a point, finishing behind Dariusz Pilas in heat 6. Ben beat Chris Timms in heat 7, with Niall Morton winning heat 8.
The next series of races saw wins for Ben Mould, Paul Heard (in an eventful heat 10), Tom Bewick and Chris Timms, who won heat 12 over Reece Pollitt after overcoming having to start flat footed for movement when under starters orders.
Chris Timms won his second grid one in heat 13 to stay in the hunt. Ben then beat Paul Heard and Reece Pollitt in a very quick heat 14 (in the fastest time so far of the meeting). Niall and Ed Morton won the next two races.
The start of the final set of races saw Ed Morton win, and setting a new fastest time. Paul Heard then beat Chris Timms in a new quickest time. Reece Pollitt completed a fine meeting with a win in heat 19. Ben only needed a second place in heat 20 to win the meeting. But with a cash prize up for the fastest time, he sped from grid two to power home in 38.55 and the quickest time of the day.
A brilliant day all round, and well worth in the memory of Frank Knight.

Ben Mould 20, Paul Heard 18, Chris Timms 18, Reece Pollitt 17, Ed Morton 15, Niall Morton 15, Tom Bewick 13, Dariusz Pilas 13, Kielan Burton 12, Mark Winwood 11, Damien Notonski 10, Lewis Foxley 9, Jason Keith 9, Sam Stansfield 6, Jake Steel 6, Pierce Bacon 4.