MATCH REPORT: Women’s Battle of Britain and Grand Prix

Report by Andy Schofield

The Hessle Raceway was the setting for the first round of this year’s Women’s League action on a sunny but breezy day. In the Battle of Britain team event all four sides were evenly matched with just three points separating the sides after the first set of three races. At the interval the North & Scotland side led by two points from a three woman South & South Wales team, for whom guest Kacey Bennetts points were deducted, with the South East & Eastern and Midlands two points and three points further back. All four teams were adapting well to the Hessle circuit to provide some exciting racing with the North & Scotland surviving a scare, when Layla Peoples unfortunately broke a chain, to take the honours with 64 points. The Midlands produced a strong second half display to take second place with 58 points with the South & South Wales third on 56 points and a young South East & Eastern team fourth on 55 points with a very creditable display.

Emily Burgess only dropped one point in five starts for the winners with Rebekah Humphries winning three races for the Midlands, Sandra Tomborska dropping just one point for the South & South Wales and Lilly Parr impressing for the South East & Eastern team.

North & Scotland 64: Emily Burgess 17+2, Lizzie Rigley 15+1, Laura Watson 14, Niamh Morton 13, Lacey Ackroyd 4, Layla Peoples 1.

Midlands 58: Rebekah Humphries 20+1, Lucy Whitehead 17+2, Honey Whitehead 12+1, Georgia Burt 9.

South & South Wales 56: Sandra Tomborska 23, Lauren Hookway 19+1, Rachel Lamin 14+1, Kacey Bennett 6.

South East & Eastern 55: Lilly Parr 14, Charlie Jane Herbert 12+2, Amberley Gant 9, Demi Harris 8+2, Pheobe Hammond 6+2, Ella Case 6.

Referee: Andy Schofield

In the women’s Elite Grand Prix Emily Burgess won all her qualifying rounds from Lauren Hookway, Sandra Tomborska and Laura Watson on 13 points. In the ‘A’ Final Lauren shot away to win from the tapes with Sandra chasing and Emily passing Laura after a slip found her at the back. Lilly Parr won the ‘B’ Final with Lucy Whitehead recovering well from a heavy fall in her first race to compete in the final.

Elite Grand Prix:

Emily Burgess 16, Lauren Hookway 13, Sandra Tomborska 13, Laura Watson 13, Lucy Whitehead 10, Rebekah Humphries 10, Phoebe Hammond 9, Lilly Parr 9, Rachel Lammin 7, Lizzie Rigley 7, Georgia Burt 5, Niamh Morton 5.
A Final: 1st Lauren Hookway 2nd Sandra Tomborska 3rd Emily Burgess 4th Laura Watson.
B Final: 1st Lilly Parr 2nd Rebekah Humphries 3rd Phoebe Hammond 4th Lucy Whitehead.
C Final: 1st Rachel Lammin 2nd Georgia Burt

The women’s intermediate grand prix was won in fine style by Ella Case with Honey Whitehead in second followed by Amberley Gant and Demi Harris. Lacey Ackroyd won the ‘B’ Final with the biggest cheer of the day reserved for local rider Alexis Woodcock winning the ‘C’ Final thanks to the sporting behaviour of Rachel Lammin and Georgia Burt.

Amberley Gant 15, Ella Case 14, Demi Harris 14, Honey Whitehead 14, Lacey Ackroyd 13, Kacey Bennett 11, Layla Peoples 10, Polly Gowans 10, Alexis Woodcock 8.

A Final: 1st Ella Case 2nd Honey Whitehead 3rd Amberley Gant 4th Demi Harris.
B Final: 1st Lacey Ackroyd 2nd Kacey Bennett 3rd Layla Peoples 4th Polly Gowans C Final 1st Alexis Woodcock

Referee: Luke Morton