BATTLE OF BRITAIN: North & Scotland withdraw from Men’s match

Round 2 of the Men’s Battle of Britain takes place today (Saturday May 14th) at Newport but the team match will see 3 regions only represented as the North & Scotland team have had to withdraw due to rider unavailability. Below is the email which North & Scotland Team manager Mike Hack sent to British Cycling’s Competitions Officer Tarn Fynn & Newport’s Colin Simmons:

“I regret to inform you both that the North & Scotland team are withdrawing from the Men’s Battle of Britain Round 2 match at Newport on Saturday 14th May.

“Out of 20 riders who have been approached, only one has declared himself available to race for the team on the day. Clearly, this leaves no option but to withdraw.

“On behalf of the North & Scotland Regional Committee, I sincerely apologize for this situation. It’s the first time that the Men’s team has withdrawn from a Battle of Britain match, since the series started in 2017”.