NEWS: Pedal Power finish involvement supplying Cycle Speedway products

Pedal Power owner Mark Reynolds has released the following press release containing notification of their withdrawal from Cycle Speedway products. The statement is a little long winded but it does explain their decision in detail and the opportunity for someone to step in.

For the past seven years Mark Reynolds, owner of Pedal Power Cycles Ltd has supplied frames, chainrings, bars and pedals to the cycle speedway community throughout the UK and Australia with help from Australian International rider Cody Chadwick (pictured below)

Sadly, once existing orders have been fulfilled there will be no more orders placed with suppliers and Pedal Power will finish its involvement supplying cycle speedway products.

In the last two years in the wake of Brexit and Covid-19, manufacturing and supply of bike parts has become problematic. All businesses have had to adapt to and everchanging landscape and subsequent price increases. Issues have been complex, transportation, shipping costs, import procedures have become more complicated and expensive. Raw materials
such as aluminium have been in short supply, as has the skilled labour to build frames and parts. Manufactures across the world have turned their attention to other areas, either out of necessity to provide help to a globalpandemic or to find a more profitable and reliable source of income.

Mark is well known to those involved in cycle speedway through his involvement over decades. As a young boy he raced and was a British finalist on several occasions. His interest has continued to the point wherehe collaborated with Cody Chadwick to design, manufacture and sell the very popular Pedal Power frame. Until recently he was still working on
innovative designs for a new fork and even a prototype 29in wheel bike. The decision to stop supply has been very difficult for him as he feels a huge sense of responsibility and loyalty to a sport which he is still passionate about and has given him so many experiences and opportunity​ in the past. Mark worked hard to find suppliers of components from across the world in Taiwan, Canada and Poland but as they can no longer give reasonable delivery times and commitment without huge outlay, together with the knock-on effect to customer the situation has become untenable and something the business cannot continue with.

Mark says “This is a very sad for me. I started to search for suppliers because there are very few places you can get the necessary parts in the UK. I wanted to help the sport and my intention was to keep the costs to aminimum so it became affordable for everyone, but that situation is changing and prices are always going up. There are literally only a few
places in the world that are prepared or capable of making frames, but these manufactures priorities are aligned to products of high volumes where they can make a better return compared to four or five units a yearwhich I order each year.

“I feel sorry for the customers who have placed orders and who have to continue to wait with no end date in site, they have been very patient, butI completely understand their frustration.”

“We have enquiries for pedals and bars all the time and it takes time to field the calls and reply to all the messages. With no sign that the supply chain is going to improve, Pedal Power can’t continue to dedicate huge amounts of it resources to just a few products”

Cycle speedway continues to be a very exciting, action-packed sport and will always play an important part in Marks life. Although it is the end for Pedal Power selling items, Mark has said if there a group or an individual who want to continue where he has left off, they should contact him and he may be able to give help and advice.


For media enquiries contact: Mark Reynolds, Pedal Power Cycles. Email: Telephone: 01473 610500

Notes to editors:
 Mark took over ownership of Pedal Power Cycles in 2012 when it was based in Martlesham Heath. The shop grew and subsequently changed premises to cope with the expansion. In 2019 the shop moved again to its current location at 36-38 Woodbridge Road, Rushmere St Andrew, Ipswich IP5 1BN.
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