MATCH REPORT: A&T Go-Ride League Round 3

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Astley & Tyldesley held Round 3 of the A&T Go-Ride League at Gin Pit, on Tuesday evening. A good turn out of 21 riders contested 20 heats of racing, on a very dry and dusty track.
The ladder format was used, with the final placings and scores determined by the riders’ positions in the final round of races. Duncan Whalley took the main final victory for the third round in succession, ahead of David Hamilton, Caspar Ellis and Owen Simcock. Astley Hurricanes took the team win, in this 3rd round of the six round series.

A&T Go-Ride League results

Individual Grand Prix points

Duncan Whalley (Hurricanes) 21, David Hamilton (Typhoons) 20, Caspar Ellis (Storm) 19, Owen Simcock (Storm) 18, Oscar Belt (Typhoons) 17, Levi Edwards (Hurricanes) 16, Josh Pilkington (Storm) 15, Harriet Belt (Hurricanes) 14, Nahom Tumizghy (Storm) 13, Jake Mulholland (Hurricanes) 12, Alex Lawless (Typhoons) 11, Kieran Fallon (Typhoons) 10, Jasmine Lawless (Hurricanes) 9, Poppy Evans (Typhoons) 8, Dylan Field (Storm) 7, Thea Mulholland (Typhoons) 6, Ted Woods (Hurricanes) 5, Jonah Warn (Hurricanes) 4, William McGee (Storm) 3, Lillie Field (Typhoons) 2, Ethan Sixsmith (Storm) 1.

Team scores

Astley Hurricanes 81 Gin Pit Storm 76 Tyldesley Typhoons 74.

Referee – Chaz Whalley.

Standings after 3 rounds

Team: Astley Hurricanes 7 (263), Gin Pit Storm 6 (262), Tyldesley Typhoons 5 (247).
GP: Duncan Whalley 66, Josh Pilkington 52, Oscar Belt 50.

Round 4 takes place on Tuesday 12th July.