MATCH REPORT: Stars take 2 wins out of 3 at Hull

Report by Rob Mawhood, Photo by Nicola banyard

Sheffield Stars took the spoils in the North and Scotland League One match, with a hard fought 97-78 victory, completing the double over their hosts.
Stars went into the lead in heat two, Kyle Holland making a great inside pass on Jack Lister to join Ed Morton for a 7-3 maximum heat score. The teams shared 6-4’s in heats 3 and 4, followed by two drawn heats. Stars moved nine points clear with a 7-2 in heat 7 after David Cooper was excluded following a fall. Kyle Holland again involved in the Stars getting a maximum score.
Hull immediately hit back when reserve Lewis Foxley came in to join Jack Lister in a Hull maximum 7-3 score to put the interval scores at 37-42, the duo twice having to pass Kielan Burton (with the race having re run).
Ed Morton ended Lewis Foxley’s unbeaten run with victory in heat 9.
Niall Morton then inflicted the first defeat on Nathan Everett in heat 10, a Stars 6-4 increase the lead to seven. Stars suffered a set back in heat 12 when Niall Morton was excluded after falling while leading, Jack Lister also coming down when trying to avoid the stricken Sheffield rider. Lizzie Rigley riding a perfect race to restrict the damage to a 3-6 loss. The Stars lead was now 6 points.
The drying track was beginning to cause problems for riders, Richard Gibson and Lewis Foxley both falling in the following two races. Sheffield increasing their lead to nine once again. Niall Morton again beat Nathan Everett in heat 15, the teams going into the nominated races with Sheffield still leading by nine.
Stars had saved Ed Morton, riding from reserve, to give him rides in heats 16 and 18. His race win in heat 16, a third over Lewis Foxley, effectively secured the match points for Sheffield.
A tapes exclusion for David Cooper in heat 17 ended any Hull fight back. Sheffield secured their third 7 point heat score, all having involved Kyle Holland.
The Stars ended the match with another 7-2, Ed and Niall Morton defeating Nathan Everett, who fell after running into Niall on the third / fourth bend.


Hull – Nathan Everett 17+1, John Gowans 1, David Cooper 9, Liam Bennett 7+1, Jacob Francis 4, Jack Lister 18+1, Lewis Foxley 18+1, Richard Gibson 4, Rich Pawson DNR, Ryan Tompkinson DNR
Sheffield Stars – Kielan Burton 17, Luke Morton 5+1, Kyle Holland 15+5, Wil Banyard 9, Niall Morton 17+1, Lizzie Rigley 10, Ed Morton 23+1, Laura Watson 1, Sam Stansfield DNR.

Referee Andy Schofield

Sheffield’s unbeaten start in North and Scotland League Two remains intact as they withheld a strong Hull challenge by 76-73 after 15 thrilling races.
Hull took an early lead with a 6-3 from Liam Bennett and Rich Pawson in heat one, Sam Stansfield falling on the pits bend and unable to finish the race. Sheffield gained a 6-4 in heat 5, Sam Stansfield taking the race victory. Heat 6 saw young Hull Noah Lyon come from last to first, passing Stars riders Laura Watson and Patrick O’shea, to share the heat. The next five races all ended as 7-3 maximums, two for Hull and three for Sheffield (with passing galore and more falls). Oliver Banyard got up to beat Kacey Bennett by a wheel in heat 7, as Noah Lyon had fallen. Sam Stansfield (heat 8) and Patrick O’shea (heat 9) both fell as Hull took successive 7-3’s to lead by 47-42. Stars introduced reserve Lizzie Rigley in heat 10. The Women’s Laurels winner making an immediate impact, joining Laura Watson for a Stars 7-3.
Stars regained the lead in heat 11, a Sam Stansfield/Wil Banyard 7-3 putting Sheffield three ahead. Stars saw out the remaining four heats with race wins by Laura Watson (2), Luke Morton and Lizzie Rigley.
The win for Sheffield was much needed as they face another unbeaten team, Heckmondwike Saints at the Graves track next Sunday. The fixture follows Fife’s first visit to the Graves track.


Hull – Rich Pawson 9+1, Liam Bennett 11+1, Richard Gibson 9+1, Ryan Tompkinson 1, John Gowans 13+2, Jacob Francis 16+1, Kacey Bennett 3, Noah Lyon 11+1.
Sheffield – Sam Stansfield 10, Wil Banyard 9+1, Luke Morton 10, Laythan Sharp 10+1, Laura Watson 16+2, Patrick O’shea 8+1, Oliver Banyard 3+1, Lacey Ackroyd 2, Lizzie Rigley 8.

Referee – Nathan Everett

Hull’s numerical advantage saw them convincingly win the North and Scotland League Three match by 140-68.
Hull’s fifteen riders boosted by several debutantes from their Jubilee Gala day.
The Hosts had maximum scorers in each of the events. Under 10’s saw Harry Gibson go unbeaten. In the under 13’s it was Noah Lyon who was unbeaten. His home track knowledge paying off after he had to pass Sheffield’s Lacey Ackroyd.


Under 13’s
Hull – Noah Lyon 16, Kacey Bennett 13, Harvey Mclachlan 12, Will Hollich 11, Ellie Earnshaw 9, Spencer Glenton 9, Tyler Millward 9.
Sheffield – Lacey Ackroyd 15, Oliver Banyard 14.
Under 10’s
Hull – Harry Gibson 16, Elwood Harrison 13, Jayden Bennett 12, Charlie Hamilton 10, Polly Gowans 8, Josh Geering 7, Katie Earnshaw 6, Alexis Woodcock 5.
Sheffield – Lincoln Ackroyd 15, Eddie Owolabi-Oshea 14, Charlie Taylor 10.