DRAWS: Welsh Open Women’s Championship

The Welsh Open Women’s Championships return on Saturday 2nd July at Newport’s International Sports Village, tapes up at 1pm. The draw was made by Sandra Tamborska, Colin Simmons and Nataleigh Goulden. and is as follows.

1 Sandra Tamborska (Poole)
2 Lily Parr (Kesgrave)
3 Michelle Whitehead (Leicester)
4 Lucy Whitehead (Leicester)
5 Rachel Lammin (Horspath)
6 Maddie Saunders (Poole)
7 Sophie Bees (Newport)
8 Nataleigh Goulden (Poole)
9 Daisy Sherwood (Poole)
10 Emily Burgess (Astley and Tyldesley)
11 Esmae Lewis (Newport)
12 Laura Watson (Sheffield)
13 Elizabeth Rigley (Sheffield)
14 Shannon Tucker (Exeter)
15 Chloe Whitehead (Leicester)
16 Phoebe Hammond (Kesgrave)