MATCH REPORT: 3 wins for the Stars

Report by Rob Mawhood, Photos by Nicola Banyard

Sheffield Stars overcame the stubborn resistance of the Fife Revolution to come out victors by 108-72 in this North and Scotland Division One match.
A dry, bright and very breezy day welcomed Fife for their first visit to the Graves track. They quickly adapted to the track and conditions, making the Sheffield riders work hard for the league points.
After five races the scores stood at 28-22, Kayden Davidson taking a deserved race win for Fife in heat three. By half time the Stars had extended their lead to 49-31 on the back of three successive 7-3 heat wins, all achieved with super fast starts. Kayden Davidson got his second race win in heat 9, defeating England international Ed Morton. Three of the next four heats were level, Stars gaining their fifth 7-3 in heat 11 from Kyle Holland and Wil Banyard. So with five races to go the scores stood at 75-55 for the Stars. Sheffield then put in a late surge with four more 7-3 maximums, three featuring Ed Morton.
Kielan Burton and Niall Morton both finished unbeaten by an opponent, while Lizzie Rigley, Laura Watson and Wil Banyard all having important race wins.
Fife had only Kayden Davidson as a race winner, but the remaining five riders deserved more points for their efforts.


Sheffield – Kielan Burton 23+1, Lizzie Rigley 6, Kyle Holland 17+3, Wil Banyard 9, Laura Watson 10, Niall Morton 20+4, Ed Morton 21+2, Sam Stansfield 2.
Fife – Lewis Alsop 13+1, Dougie Morgan 9+1, John Hutton 12+3, Victor Hill 11, Harris Alsop 12, Kayden Davidson 15+1.

Referee – Luke Morton

Sheffield then defeated Heckmondwike Saints by 82-65 in a top of table clash for the North and Scotland League Division Two. Both sides came into the contest unbeaten. Sheffield took an early lead with a 6-4 in heat one, Luke Morton defeating Darren Kent with Sam Stansfield taking third place. The teams shared 7-3 race wins in heats 4 and 5. Sheffield, through Patrick O’shea/Luke Morton, while the Saints maximum came courtesy of Darren Kent and Daniel Green. The points were shared over the next five races, to leave the scores 45-44 after nine heats.
The match then changed in the Stars favour over the next three races, Sheffield scoring 20 to the Saints 8. Heckmondwike hampered by exclusions for Daniel Green and Pat Beacock. Darren Kent and Daniel Green won heats 13 and 15 to complete an excellent afternoon for each. Sheffield had seven different riders win a race, with Ireland international Patrick O’shea and Luke Morton hitting big scores.


Sheffield – Sam Stansfield 7+1, Lacey Ackroyd 2+1, Oliver Banyard 1, Laythan Sharp 8, Niamh Morton 10+2, Patrick O’shea 16+2, Laura Watson 6+1, Lizzie Rigley 7, Luke Morton 18+1, Wil Banyard 7+1.
Heckmondwike – Darren Kent 17+1, Stuart Hardaker 6, Daniel Green 15, Justin Naylor 8+1, Phil Vanner 9, Patrick Beacock 8+2, Declan Lindsey 2.

Referee – Kyle Holland

Sheffield made it three from three with a 87-13 win over Heckmondwike Saints in the Division Three match.
Eddie Owolabi-Oshea (under 10’s) and Oliver Banyard (under 13’s) both won all four of their races to complete a maximum score. Both have recently been crowned Sheffield schools under 11 champions. Lincoln and Lacey Ackroyd were the other race winners.


Under 13’s (all Sheffield)
Oliver Banyard 16, Lacey Ackroyd 13, Robin Darlington 10, Toby Darlington 6, Danny Cowley 5.
Under 10’s
– Eddie Owolabi-Oshea 16, Lincoln Ackroyd 12, Charlie Taylor 9.
Heckmondwike – Joseph Green 9, James Vanner 4.

The two teams meet again at Heckmondwike’s Firth Park track on 8th August.