MATCH REPORT: BYJL National Round 1 at Kesgrave

Report & Photo sent in by Andrew Parr

The first national round of the BYJL at Kesgrave was held in glorious weather with the track and venue looking in excellent condition.

The day began with the U8s.

Southampton’s Thomas Comben was the class of the field, winning all his qualifying races to reach the A Final. He was joined in the A Final by Caiden Spencer (Coventry), Brodie Harris (Kesgrave) and Tom Parr (Kesgrave). Thomas continued his excellent form by winning the A Final, followed by Tom, Caiden and Brodie.

A Final: 1st – Thomas Comben (Southampton), 2nd – Tom Parr (Kesgrave), 3rd – Caiden Spencer (Coventry), 4th – Brodie Harris (Kesgrave)

B Final: 1st – Freddie Mower (Great Blakenham), 2nd – Lincoln Powling (Kesgrave), 3rd – Archie Rawlings (Kesgrave), 4th – Oscar Barlett (Poole)

C Final: 1st – Nyla El-Labany (Hethersett), 2nd – Finlay Oldfield (Wednesfield), 3rd – Freddie Fairs (Great Blakenham)


Bobby Dunphy (Bury) required lengthy treatment for facial and abdominal injuries after a heavy fall in qualifying. Bobby recovered to reach the A Final along with the impressive Joshua Pilkington (A&T) who was unbeaten in the heats. They were joined by Hellingly’s Sam Ridley and Luca El-Labany (Hethersett). The A Final was an excellent race with Bobby and Joshua dicing for the lead with Luca biding his time in third. When Joshua and Bobby ran wide, Luca nipped inside to move from third to first and claim the victory.

A Final: 1st – Luca El-Labany (Hethersett), 2nd – Joshua Pilkington (A&T), 3rd – Bobby Dunphy (Bury), 4th – Sam Ridley (Hellingly)

B Final: 1st – Samuel Comben (Southampton), 2nd – Frank Spauls (Norwich), 3rd – Levi Edwards (A&T), 4th – Theo Case (Kesgrave)

C Final: 1st – Carson East (Coventry), 2nd – Caiden Rawlings (Kesgrave), 3rd – Jasper Johnson (Great Blakenham), 4th – Isabella Reynolds (Coventry)

D Final: Oliver Spurgeon (Kesgrave)


Having moved up from last year’s U10s, Frank White (A&T) again looked competitive and made the A Final along with Will Blackmore (Norwich). Connor Jarrett (Kesgrave) also made the A Final following a run-off with Poole’s Jamie Randall. Unbeaten in qualifying, Oliver Edmunds (Kesgrave) converted his good form into victory in the A Final but was harried throughout by Frank. Connor finished in third by ensuring Will remained behind.

A Final: 1st – Oliver Edmunds (Kesgrave), 2nd – Frank White (A&T), 3rd – Connor Jarrett (Kesgrave), 4th – Will Blackmore (Norwich)

B Final: 1st – Demi-Blu Harris (Kesgrave), 2nd – Oliver Banyard (Sheffield), 3rd – Yoanna Gilpin (Coventry), 4th – Jamie Randall (Poole)

C Final: 1st – Isaac Powling (Kesgrave), 2nd – Maisie Baker (Ipswich), 3rd – Coben Ashford (Great Blakenham), 4th – Riley Sinclair (Leicester)


The ever improving Duncan Whalley (A&T) won his first three qualifying heats to book his place in the A Final. Ryker Jolly (Kesgrave) was unbeaten in the heats and was joined in the A Final by the rapid Shaun Kell (Norwich) who dropped just a single point to Ryker. Harvey Shumake was penalised a point for an infringement at the tapes but still made the A Final. In the A final, Shaun chased Ryker hard but had to settle for second place with Harvey not far behind.

A Final: 1st – Ryker Jolly (Kesgrave), 2nd – Shaun Kell (Norwich), 3rd – Harvey Shumake (Kesgrave), 4th Duncan Whalley (A&T)

B Final: 1st – Luca Woodhouse (Kesgrave), 2nd – Chester Gilpin (Coventry), 3rd – George Whale (Southampton), 4th – Corey Burt (Wednesfield)

C Final: 1st – Tom Dunphy (Bury), 2nd – Jude Wilcockson (Coventry), 3rd – Detlan Baker (Ipswich), 4th – Oscar Hammond (Kesgrave)

D Final: 1st – Mitchell Baker (Ipswich), 2nd – Paul Edwards (Hellingly), 3rd – Finel Myall (Ipswich), 4th – Quinn Walters-Fuller (Great Blakenham)


Nataleigh Goulden (Poole) was excluded from her second heat after suffering a mechanical and falling heavily. This ultimately cost her one of the places in the A Final which were taken by Lily Parr (Kesgrave), Maddie Saunders (Poole), Ella Case (Kesgrave) and Rebekah Humphries (Birmingham). Ella looked racey all day and finished a solid third ahead of Rebekah. Maddie pushed hard but it was Lily who prevailed to take the win.

A Final: 1st – Lily Parr (Kesgrave), 2nd – Maddie Saunders (Poole), 3rd – Ella Case (Kesgrave), 4th – Rebekah Humphries (Birmingham)

B Final: 1st – Nataleigh Goulden (Poole), 2nd – Daisy Sherwood (Poole)


Charlie Parr (Kesgrave) was the top qualifier in U16s dropping a single point to Leon Penketh (Southampton). Leon was unfortunate to have a mechanical at the gate in his third heat and consequently had to settle for a place in the B Final. Torsten Jolly (Kesgrave), Kai Gowers (Ipswich) and Ollie Saunders (Poole) joined Charlie in the A Final. Torsten and Charlie had an excellent battle for the win and produced the closest finish of the day with Torsten taking the honours by a millimetre or two. Ollie and Kai finishing in third and fourth respectively.

Kielan Burton (Sheffield) dropped just the one point to Charlie in qualifying and duly won the U18 A Final from Jack Reynolds (Coventry) and Tom Blackmore (Norwich).

U16 A Final: 1st – Torsten Jolly (Kesgrave), 2nd – Charlie Parr (Kesgrave), 3rd – Ollie Saunders (Poole), 4th – Kai Gowers (Ipswich)

U16 B Final: 1st – Charlie Beeton (Kesgrave), 2nd – Leon Penketh (Southampton)

U18 A Final: 1st – Kielen Burton (Sheffield), 2nd – Jack Reynolds (Coventry), 3rd – Tom Blackmore (Norwich)

BYJL Team scores:

Kesgrave – 158 (8pts)

Poole – 52 (7pts)

Coventry – 39 (6pts)

Norwich – 38 (5pts)

A&T – 27 (4pts)

Sheffield – 26 (3pts)

Birmingham – 11 (2pts)

Newport – 0 (0pts)

The second round takes place at Wednesfield on Saturday 23 July.