MATCH REPORT: Ade Gale veterans Laurels

Report by Pete Barnes, Photos by Arthur Lawrence

Poole’s Harbourside Park was the venue for the Ade Gale Veterans Laurels event and there were a few riders, from the initial 22, who were unable, at a late stage, to make the event due to injuries and the Covid “bug” so the day before Dave Strong and Craig Marchant suggested, and arranged, an England Veterans v Rest of Europe Veterans team fixture followed by the 16 rider Veterans Individual event. Everyone at Poole CSC would like to thank Dave and Craig for their efforts, however in turn it was a brilliant advert for Vets racing in sunny South Coast weather and a good spectator attendance.

England Veterans 83.

Jason Ashford 16, Chris Ward 7, Steve Harris 18, Alan Nation 9, Craig Marchant 19, Andy Yard 14.

Rest of Europe Veterans 96.

Lukasz Kazmarek 12, Lukasz Nowacki 22, Lee Galley 16, Steve Nation 11, Paddy Wenn 16, Mark Winwood 19

Ade Gale Veterans Laurels.

Lukasz Nowacki 19, Mark Winwood 18, Steve Harris 17, Jason Ashford 16, Norman Venson 16, Andrew Yard 16, Lee Galley 13, Paddy Wenn 13, Steve Nation 12, Alan Nation 12, Lukasz Kazmarek 12, Craig Marchant 10, Chris Ward 8

Steve Harris captured the Richard Clanfield Cup for the highest scoring over 50.