NEWS: Updates from the Cycle Speedway Commission

Cycle Speedway Commission Chair Mike Hack has sent the following updates:


I hope that you are safe and well, as we approach the end of the season. As most of you will be aware, British Cycling’s Cycle Speedway Competitions Officer, Tarn Fynn, left the organisation in August. A replacement is due in post next month. We were due to hold a full Cycle Speedway Commission meeting last Thursday. However, there were several late withdrawals, so the meeting was postponed, due to being inquorate. The re-arranged meeting will take place on Saturday 26th November. As there are several matters which need addressing imminently, I am providing you with an update and request for responses.

2023 ICSF World Cycle Speedway Championships

An official announcement and draft schedule was issued by the International Cycle Speedway Federation (ICSF) on 31st August, regarding the Championships being held in South Australia, from 14th November to 3rd December 2023.

Invitations are now being sought for the post of Tour Director. The successful applicant will be offered guidance from previous visits. Interested parties are invited to contact Rick Clarkson at British Cycling via email, no later than Friday 11th November.

It will be helpful if riders, officials and supporters can also contact Rick, again by Friday 11th November, to declare their interest in traveling to the Championships. This will assist with planning for the tournament. The ICSF and Australian Council are open to amending the draft schedule, to suit the likely numbers participating in the tournament.

2022 Referees’ Feedback

All Clubs are requested to complete the annual feedback form, to enable the Referees’ Manager, Josh Marsh, to carry out the annual analysis of Referees’ performances.

Clubs are also requested to provide a list of officials who wish to continue refereeing in 2023, along with any new persons interested in being trained as a referee, to enable us to plan ahead with Referees’ Training Courses.

Please return the forms and list to Rick Clarkson at British Cycling via email, no later than Friday 18th November.

2022 Wilkinson Sword Nominations

Nominations are invited from the membership for the 2022 Wilkinson Sword award, for services to cycle speedway. Nominations should be accompanied by a brief outline as to why the nominator considers the nominee to be a worthy recipient.

Nominations to be sent to Rick Clarkson at British Cycling via email, no later than Friday 18th November.