2023 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS: Flight booking and accommodation information

Below is information on flights and accommodation for the 2023 World Cycle Speedway Championships in Australia :


Contact: Tanya Marshallsay at WORLDSPAN Travel, 73 Victoria Road, Ferndown, Bournemouth BH22 9HU.

Phone: 01202 875986 Email: Tanya.Marshallsay@fredolsentravel.co.uk.

When speaking to Tana, mention that you are travelling to Adelaide for the Cycle Speedway World Championships. Flights can be booked for any preferred dates and there will also be departures from Manchester, for those who live in the north–The options below are offered as examples.

Examples of current pricing for the following dates:

Singapore Airlines: Leave London at 22.05hrs on Nov 14th and Arrive Adelaide on Nov 16th at 09.05hrs

SQ 321V 14th NOV Heathrow–Singapore 2205 1900 – (4hrs 40min stopover in Singapore)

SQ 279V 15th NOV Singapore–Adelaide 2340 0905

Singapore Airlines: Leave Adelaide at 10.35hrs on Dec 4th and Arrive London on Dec 5th at 05.55hrs

SQ 278W 04th DEC Adelaide–Singapore 1035 1510 –(8hrs 35min stopover in Singapore)

SQ 322W 04th DEC Singapore–Heathrow 2345 0555

Singapore Airlines Estimated Price: £1375 Baggage = 25Kg

Maylasia Airlines: Leave London at 21.25hrs on Nov 14th and Arrive Adelaide on Nov 16th at 08.00hrs

MH 1O 14th NOV Heathrow–Kuala Lumpur 2125 1820 – (4hrs stopover in Kuala Lumpur)

MH 139O 15th NOV Kuala Lumpur–Adelaide 2220 0800

Maylasia Airlines: Leave Adelaide at 11.00hrs on Dec 4th and Arrive London on Dec 5th at 05.35hrs

MH 138M 05th DEC Adelaide–Kuala Lumpur 1100 1555 – (7hrs 35min stopover in Kuala Lumpur)

MH 2M 05th DEC Kuala Lumpur 2330 0535

Malaysia Airlines Estimated Price: £1323 Baggage = 20kg (excess baggage can be negotiated)

Qatar Airlines: Leave London at 08.35hrs on Nov 14th and Arrive Adelaide on Nov 16th at 17.05hrs

QR10T 14th NOV Heathrow–Doha 0835 1825 – (2hrs 5min stopover in Doha)

QR 914T 14th NOV Doha–Adelaide 2030 1705

Qatar Airlines: Leave Adelaide at 22.20hrs on Dec 5th and Arrive London on Dec 6th at 12.15hrs

QR 915T 05th DEC Adelaide–Doha 2220 0430 – (3hrs10min stopover in Doha)

QR3T 06th DEC Doha–Heathrow 0740 1215

Qatar Airlines Estimated Price: £1343 Baggage 25Kg 14Nov–05Dec


Individual Bookings (up to 3 or 4 travelling together): All paying full amount at time of booking. This would mean that those booking will need to deal with Tanya at WORLDSPAN individually to get best price fare at time of booking–For these booking best baggage allowance will probably be 25kg.

Group booking allocation: This usually means a deposit payment and the balance closer to travel – possible 2 months before UK departure date. This option does tend to be more expensive, but gives the flexibility of holding seats against a non-refundable deposit. Tanya can also obtain additional baggage for the bikes (with group booking)

Group fares are on application and will take a week or so to be advised but as previously mentioned they do tend to be more than the individual fares which are listed above.


Recommended suburbs:

Fort Glanville Caravan Park, previous tours have used this site. Next to the beach, not too far from the vibrant suburb of Semaphore.


Fort Glanville Caravan Park is part of the Discovery Holiday Park site. Go to their site if you are interested in a membership (which may include discounts)

West Beach Caravan Park, formerly Adelaide Shores. Has a range of accommodation and on the waterfront. 15 minutes up the road for Glenelg, a popular hub in Adelaide. It is also 10 minutes from Adelaide Airport and Harbourtown, a discount shopping precinct. It is 17 minutes from the centre of Adelaide.

West Beach Caravan Park is part of the Big4 Holiday group. Feel free to google them for any membership discounts.


Marion Holiday Park is not one of the bigger ones but their accommodation is great.

Air BnB has definitely taken off in Australia! You may wish to consider hiring a house or looking into a Bed and Breakfast option. https://www.airbnb.com.au/

If you are keen for the beachfront Suburbs could include Largs Bay, Semaphore, Grange, Henley Beach, West Beach, Glenelg, Brighton (although a bit further south)

More inner suburbs may include Mawson Lakes, Adelaide, North Adelaide. Cheaper inner suburbs may include Prospect, Woodville, Port Adelaide and surrounding suburbs.

Other site to consider for accommodation may include:





Adelaide Caravan Park in Hackney.


Brighton Caravan Park.

Other great links regarding Adelaide may be found here:


Car Hire

Leticia Collins has very kindly offered to help with care hire via Budget. Please feel free to contact her via email lcollins@sa.budget.com.au