HOME INTERNATIONAL: England Junior Teams announced

England Junior Team Manager Zac Payne has announced the England Junior teams for the Home International at Newport on Saturday June 3rd:

“I’m delighted to announce the 10 riders that will be representing England in this years Home International at Newport.

“With the withdrawal of an Ireland Junior Team I spoke with Dave Murphy and the Cycle Speedway commission asking if I could put two teams out this year, from a spectator perspective they can see 4 rider races and on a much better competitive level too.

T”he England side will be managed by myself and the second team being called “England Lions” managed by Dennis Hubble, this team will feature some of those riders who are heading over to Australia later this year and gives them a great opportunity to meet Dennis as he will be manager in Australia.

Manager – Zac Payne
Torsten Jolly (C) – Kesgrave
Ryker Jolly – Kesgrave
Harry Radford – Bury
John White – A+T
Owen Geach – Exeter

England Lions:
Manager – Dennis Hubble
JJ Wildman – Exeter
Kenzie Bennett – Poole
Feroze Langoo – Poole
Leon Penketh – Southampton
Shaun Kell – Ipswich

“It’s always a challenging task picking this team as there is so many talented riders to choose from across the country, a couple weeks ago Matt Parr and I hosted an England Junior Training day which was well attended with 29 riders.

“I’ve always said I wanted to give riders a chance to prove themselves at an international level and again this year we will see three riders making their debut for England. It’s also a very important time for a lot of these young lads with GCSE exams coming up, so thank you to those riders and parents for supporting this years Home International.”