MATCH REPORT: BYJL North & Scotland Regional Round 4 at Hull

Report by Andy Schofield

Hull staged the final Northern Regional Round of The British Youth & Junior League and Little League on a warm dry day at The Hessle Raceway.

The under 8’s was won in fine style by Heckmondwike’s James Vanner with Hull’s Fletcher Glenton just holding off team mate Alexis Woodcock for second place.

The under 10’s was again dominated by Bury’s Bobby Dunphy with the Hull trio of Ellwood Harrison, Jayden Bennett and Polly Gowans battling for the places.

The best supported meeting of the day, by far, was the under 12’s with Astley & Tyldesley’s Frank White going through the card to take first place. Oliver Banyard of Sheffield, and Hull’s Spencer Glenton and Harry Gibson all deserved their places in the ‘A’ final with Oliver taking second place from Spencer and Harry.

The under 14’s / 16’s / girls competed together in qualifying with Tom Dunphy of Bury dropping his only point to Hull’s Noah Lyon while Kacey Bennett of Hull was a clear third place. In the under 16 final Tom beat Astley & Tyldesley’s Mason Gallagher while in the under 14’s Noah beat team mate Harvey McClachlan and Kacey was an uncontested winner of the girls final.

All the days winners also collected their trophies as Northern Regional Champions for the Little League and British Youth & Junior League.

Under 8: 1st James Vanner (Heckmondwike), 2nd Fletcher Glenton (Hull), 3rd Alexis Woodcock (Hull)

Under 10: 1st Bobby Dunphy (Bury), 2nd Ellwood Harrison (Hull), 3rd Jayden Bennett (Hull), 4th Polly Gowans (Hull)

Under 12 A: 1st Frank White (Astley & Tyldesley), 2nd Oliver Banyard (Sheffield), 3rd Spencer Glenton (Hull), 4th Harry Gibson (Hull)

Under 12 B: 1st Nahom Tumizgny (Astley & Tyldesley), 2nd Levi Edwards (Astley & Tyldesley), 3rd Will Hollich (Hull), 4th Josh Pilkington (Astley & Tyldesley)

Under 12 C: 1st Joseph Green (Heckmondwike), 2nd Mason Gleadhill Brown (Hull), 3rd Amelia Harrison Jones (Astley & Tyldesley)

Under 14: 1st Noah Lyon (Hull), 2nd Harvey McClachlan (Hull)

Under 16: 1st Tom Dunphy (Bury), 2nd Mason Gallagher (Astley & Tyldesley)

Girls: 1st Kacey Bennett (Hull)

Team scores (uncorrected):

Little League Hull 44, Bury 16, Heckmondwike 16.

BY&JL Hull 75, Astley & Tyldesley 55, Bury 15, Sheffield 14, Heckmondwike 7

Referee: Andy Schofield

Northern Region overall winners:

Under 8 – James Vanner (Heckmondwike)

Under 10 – Bobby Dunphy (Bury)

Under 12 – Frank White (Astley & Tyldesley)

Under 14 – Noah Lyon (Hull)

Under 16 – Tom Dunphy (Bury)

Under 18 – John White (Astley & Tyldesley)

Girls – Kacey Bennett (Hull)