NEWS: Raiders reach out at World Championships

Report by Richie Smith (Northumbria Vikings), photo by Trevor Bryant (Border Raiders)

The sun shone on Cycle Speedway at Borders Bike Fest in Peebles as part of the Tweed Valley Fringe linked to the UCI World Cycling Championships in nearby Glentress.

The Borders Bike Fest offered a range of activities including “Cycle Speedway – no bike required for introduction to this fun fast sport”.

Border Raiders’ coach led five 60 minute taster sessions for 10-15 riders each time with the support of volunteers from Edinburgh and Northumbria clubs. Riders were taken through the basics and were racing by the end of it.

Border Raiders are an emerging club who are looking to build a new track.
On the basis of the Borders Bike Fest, they are the cycle speedway team to watch for the future. They have an enthusiastic coach who has an impressive track record in developing mountain bikers and is bringing this to Cycle Speedway. The taster event they put on was on a grass track, but the bikes were proper ones. It was great to see young people from the Border Raiders coming along to support first time riders from the local area as well as visitors from as far away as London, who were signposted to their local track and the club finder.

All in all a great day!