MATCH REPORT: Hull put one hand on Yorkshire League title

Cycle Speedway

Report by Rob Mawhood

Hull have one hand on the Yorkshire League title, for a fourth successive season, following a dominant win in Round 4 at Heckmondwike.
Hull riders took the chequered flag first in ten of the 16 races, also recording three maximum 7-point heat scores. Rich Gibson, Jason Keith and Jack Lister all had three wins each. Lewis Foxley had one race win, while also featuring in two of Hull’s 7 point race wins. Kielan Burton (Sheffield) had three race wins for the Stars, other race winners were Pawel Idziorek (Stars) and Heckmondwike veteran duo of Darren Kent and Pat Beacock (both enjoying victories over the Sheffield form riders Jack Brownell and Kieran Hale).

Scores and Scorers

Heckmondwike Saints (42) – Pat Beacock 10+2, Lee Warhurst 7, Darren Kent 12+1, Justin Naylor 8, Elliott Long 5.
Sheffield Stars (53) – Kielan Burton 16+1, Joe Brownell 2, Jack Brownell 12+1, Kieran Hale 11+1, Pawel Idziorek 12+1
Hull (61) – Lewis Foxley 16+2, Rich Gibson 14, Jack Lister 17+1, Jason Keith 13, Noah Lyon 1.

Referee – Andy Schofield

Round five is at Sheffield’s Graves track on 10th September.

The junior GP series saw wins for Jayden Hancock (under 13), Elwood Harrison (under 10) and James Vanner (under 8). Bury Comets rider Jayden has won the under 13 title with two rounds to go. His 80 points cannot be overtaken.

Under 13’s – 1st Jayden Hancock (Bury), 2nd Oliver Banyard (Sheffield), 3rd Harvey McClachlan (Hull),
4th Spencer Glenton (Hull), 5th Harry Gibson (Hull), 6th Elliott Long (Heckmondwike), 7th Will Hollich

Under 10’s – 1st Elwood Harrison (Hull), 2nd Jayden Bennett (Hull)

Under 8’s – 1st James Vanner (Heckmondwike), 2nd Fletcher Glenton (Hull), 3rd Alexis Woodcock (Hull)

Sixteen riders lined up for the Senior GP, with victories for Jack Lister (Senior) and Darren Kent (Vet 55+) giving them the series title with two rounds to go, they having an insurmountable total now. The ladder format helped provide 12 different race winners, Sam Stansfield the most successful (winning three races, as he moved from level 4 to level 1 over the qualifying heats). Sam’s form carried on into the GP finals as he won the under 18’s event. Other winners were Jason Keith (Vets 40-54) and Kacey Bennett (Women).

Senior – 1st Jack Lister (Hull), 2nd Kielan Burton (Sheffield), 3rd Kieran Hal (Sheffield).

Women – 1st Kacey Bennett (Hull)

Under 18’s – 1st Sam Stansfield (Sheffield), 2nd Jack Brownell (Sheffield), 3rd Noah Lyon (Hull), 4th Liam
Bennett (Hull), 5th Joe Brownell (Sheffield).

Vet 40-54 – 1st Jason Keith (Hull), 2nd Wil Banyard (Sheffield), 3rd Richard Gibson (Hull), 4th Justin
Naylor (Heckmondwike), 5th Lee Walshaw (Heckmondwike).

Vet 55+ – 1st Darren Kent (Heckmondwike), 2nd Pat Beacock (Heckmondwike)