DRAWS: Cycle Speedway Cup

The draw is in for the 2023 Cycle Speedway Cup which will take place at Exeter over the Weekend of Saturday 8th and Sunday 10th September.

The draws were completed by were completed by the British Cycling Competition Team

The competing teams are:

1. Birmingham

2. Exeter

3. Ipswich

4. Newport

5. Kesgrave

6. Great Blakenham

7. Horspath

8. Poole

Full schedule

Saturday 9th September

12.00pm Match A

Birmingham v Exeter v Ipswich v Newport (4 Team, 24 Heat Formula)

1.30pm Match B

Kesgrave v Gt. Blakenham v Horspath v Poole (4 Team, 24 Heat Formula)

3.30pm Match C

1st Match A v 2nd Match B v 3rd Match B v 4th Match A (4 Team, 24 Heat Formula)

5.00pm Match D

1st Match B v 2nd Match A v 3rd Match A v 4th Match B (4 Team, 24 Heat Formula)

Sunday 10th September

11.00am Match E

Semi-Final #1 (2 Team, 18 Heat Formula)

12.30pm Match F

Semi-Final #2 (2 Team, 18 Heat Formula)

3.00pm Match G

Final (2 Team, 18 Heat Formula)

Match Points scoring system– 1st = 4 pts, 2nd = 3 pts, 3rd = 2pts, 4th = 1 pt

Top 4 teams from league table to progress to Sunday’s Semi-Finals. Teams 5th to 8th are eliminated.

Race points to count in event of a tie of match points for a qualifying place.

Run-off in event of a tie on both match points and race points, to determine a qualifying place.

The Semi-Final draws to be completed after the completion of Match D