2023 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS: Entry and ICSF Licence Reminder

Riders who are travelling to Australia for the 2023 World Cycle Speedway Championships and have not yet entered need to do so by no later than Monday 18th September as no late entries will be accepted. Entries can be made at the following link:


Also all riders competing in ICSF competitions will be required to be in possession of an ICSF International Rider’s Licence. Riders will need to complete a simple online form and provide ID evidence of their nationality and date of birth. This will be a one-time only process, to obtain a Lifetime Licence. There will be a modest one-time only payment of $7.50 Australian dollars, £5 British sterling or 25 Polish zlotys, for each rider.
The introduction of a licensing system will ensure that ICSF organisers can ensure fairness for all competitors, by verifying that riders will be competing in events for which they are eligible. The modest registration fee will provide the ICSF with its first ever source of income, to enable the setting up of a dedicated ICSF website, for everyone to access ICSF records and information.
The link for the online licence is as follows: