MATCH REPORT: Hull v Fife and Summer of Cycling event

Report and photo by Andy Schofield

Hull played hosts to Fife in a North & Scotland Division one match on a warm sunny day at the Hessle Raceway. Fife showed no signs of the long journey with maximum heat wins for Harry Langdale / Jason Keith and Jason Keith / Jake Slight in heats two and four to open up an early eight point lead. Hull responded with Dave Cooper, making a rare appearance on leave, teaming up with Jack Lister for a 7-3 and Jack took a 6-4 in heat 7 with Liam Bennett to reduce the Interval deficit to two points. The Revolutions widened their lead with 6-4’s to Lewis Alsop / Jake Slight and Jason Keith / Doug Morgan but a fall for Kayden Davidson when attempting a pass on Lewis Foxley gave Lewis and Dave Cooper a 7-2 and the lead was reduced to one point. Kayden recovered to take a 6-4 in heat 12 with Doug Morgan but Hull’s top pair of Lewis and Jack took a maximum heat 15 win to put the home side in the lead, by one point, before the nominated races. The first of these saw Kayden Davidson / Jake Slight take a good 7-3 and heat 17 was drawn leaving Jack Lister / Liam Bennett needing a maximum heat win to take the points for Hull. Harry Langdale and Lewis Alsop had other ideas for Fife and a slip from Jack allowed them to race away to record a good 93 points to 86 victory.

The match was ridden in a very sporting manner with some good racing on a dry track. Jason Keith, who knows the Hull team and track very well, was on top form for Fife with Jake Slight also racing well in a good team performance. Lewis Foxley was also in great form, for Hull, with an unbeaten score and Jack Lister and David Cooper supported well.

Hull 86: Lewis Foxley 23+1, Jack Lister 18+2, David Cooper 17, Liam Bennett 11, Spencer Glenton 9, Rich Gibson 8+1.

Fife 93: Jason Keith 21+1, Jake Slight 17+3, Lewis Alsop 16+2, Kayden Davidson 16, Harry Langdale 13+1, Doug Morgan 10+2.

Referee: Andy Schofield

A British Cycling ‘Summer of Cycling’ event was held after the Hull v Fife match with Hull’s youngsters competing for trophies at under 8, under 10, under 13 and under 19 age groups. Alexis Woodcock won the under 8’s with Jayden Bennett taking the under 10’s event from newcomer Oliver Green-Jordan. The under 13’s was the closest meeting with Spencer Glenton triumphing from Harvey McClachlan, Harry Gibson and Will Hollich. Noah Lyon took the under 19 event with Kacey Bennett second and Ryan Tomkinson third.

Under 8 / 10 / 13’s: Spencer Glenton 16, Harvey McClachlan 15, Harry Gibson 14, Will Hollich 13, Jayden Bennett 12, Alexis Woodcock 11, Oliver Green-Jordan 10.

Under 19’s: Noah Lyon 15, Kacey Bennett 12, Ryan Tomkinson 9.