PREVIEW: Jim Peck Memorial Match

Adam Peck has sent in the following regarding the 2023 Jim Peck Memorial Match at Great Blakenham on Saturday September 23rd:

“I’m really excited about this year’s match! We have two fantastic matches lined up. Craig Marchant has done me a massive favour in organising the vets line up. There are some real stars in there. Current British Veterans Champion Gavin Wheeler and current Veterans European Champion Lukas Nowaki, both have agreed to double up and do the open match as well. We also have ex European Champion Andre Cross, ex British Veteran Champion Jason Ashford and can’t forget ex World Veterans Champion Craig Marchant (Stumpz) to name just a few. It’s going to be a very entertaining match that’s for sure!

“Moving on to the open category it’s a who’s who of cycle speedway at the moment! We have fresh young talent in the shape of current British junior champ Leon Penketh, runner up in the European Junior Championship Noah Woodhouse, his Kesgrave team mate and junior indoor champion Torsten Jolly. Then the “old guard ” riders we have European Champion Ben Mould coming back for a second crack at winning the event, current British Champion Paul Heard, ex British Champion and Mr podium himself Josh Brooke. There are so many more to mention but I feel like I’m banging on a bit now.

“Basically I can’t believe how this match seems to get better every year. With it being the 10th staging I’d love to get a party atmosphere amongst the crowd and make some noise so bring your cow bells and air horns and really let loose! (No whistles though, it may confuse the riders, haha) “