CLUB NEWS: A busy time for the Hawks

HETHERSETT HAWKS / YELLOW BRICK MORTGAGES have had busy weekends concluding several competitions and picking up trophies on the way. The final two rounds of the South-East Grand Prix were on consecutive Saturdays. Six riders made the trip to East London for Round 7 and there were wins for Mason Martin (Senior) and Dave Martin (Veterans). Amelia Dodson was runner-up in the Girls while Isaac Emms reached his first A Final in the Under-8s finishing fourth. Ronnie Harding also reached an A Final finishing third in the Under-10s while Lola Martin won the B Final in the Under-12s.

The final round was closer to home at Harford Park in Norwich and 13 Hawks competed. Mason Martin won the overall series in the Seniors despite a fourth place in the last round. By contrast Dave Martin beat Paddy Wenn in the Veterans final but the Norwich rider took the series win by one point. Amelia Dodson finally got a reward for attending all eight rounds (Lola Martin also did the same) by securing third place overall in the Girls after finishing third at Harford Park. The other Hawk to get on the overall podium was Nyla El-Labany who was third on the day and overall in the Under-8s.

Other positions of the Hawks on the day were –
Under-8s – B Final – Isaac Emms 1st, Henry Everson 2nd, Jaax Lockhart 3rd
Under-10s – B Final – Ronnie Harding 1st, Arlo Davies 3rd
Under-10s – C Final – Theo Coomber 2nd
Under-12s – B Final – Luca El-Labany 1st, Lola Martin 2nd
Senior – B Final – Paul Delaiche 1st

A lot further from home on the same day was Glyn Morgan who was contesting the final round of the Eurovets Series at Heckmondwike in Yorkshire. He finished second in the A Final of the Over-60s which gave him the runners-up award for the series. He also finished second in the B Final for the Over-50s, finishing fifth overall in the competition.

Glyn was back at Hethersett the following day successfully defending his Veterans title in the Hawks Club Championships. Twenty-one members took part over eight categories and there was a hat-trick of wins for Mason Martin – Under-16, Under-19 and Senior. Nyla El-Labany and Aiesha Musa retained their Under-8 and Ladies titles respectively and the other winners were Oscar Copeland (Uder-10s) and the most impressive rider on the day – Hugo Kemp in the Under-13s.

Special mentions are worthy for Amelia Dodson and Lola Martin, who each raced in four categories, 5-year-old Olly Wright, who had his first competition, and Austin Brailey – back on a bike after a bad crash in training six weeks previously. Also the Club are indebted to Paddy Wenn for coming over to referee the events.

Full scores –

Under-8 – Nyla El-Labany 20, Henry Everson 18, Jax Lockhart 16, Josh Morris 14, Elsie Booth 12, Olly Wright 10
Under-10 – Oscar Copeland 16, Arlo Davies 14, Nyla El-Labany 12, Michael Whitfield 10, Henry Everson 8, Elsie Booth 6, Josh Morris 4
Under-13 – Hugo Kemp 16, Lola Martin 12, Luca El-Labany 11, Austin Brailey 7, Lewis Booth 3
Under-16 – Mason Martin 20, Aiesha Musa 18, Lola Martin 16, Amelia Dodson 14, Lewis Booth 12, George Morris 4
Under-19 – Mason Martin 24, Lola Martin 18, Amelia Dodson 12
Ladies – Aiesha Musa 11, Lola Martin 10, Amelia Dodson 6
Senior – Mason Martin 16, Dave Martin 12 Jamie Neill 8, Amelia Dodson 4
Veterans – Glyn Morgan 11, Dave Martin 10, Jamie Neill 6

This Saturday Hawks riders will be at Eaton Park to contest eight Norfolk Championships starting at 1 p.m. and on Sunday the Hawks are staging the annual Charity Cup at 3 p.m. preceded by the Club’s Under-13 Charity Shield at 1 p.m. Both events are sponsored by Breckland Autos. There are still places available in the Charity Cup if any riders want to get in touch and they can do so by emailing Mel Perkins at