COACHING: Exciting Opportunity

Bob Prince has been in touch with the following exciting opportunity:

Exciting news concerning coaching in Cycle Speedway.

The CS coaching workgroup in conjunction with British Cycling have helped develop a new more affordable and slimline pathway to coaching qualifications.

The new course is called ” Introduction to Coaching (activity coach )”

To gain the award three compulsory on line seminars must be completed. These take place in the three weeks leading up to a development day.

On the development day, candidates are expected to deliver coaching sessions in the cycle speedway environment.

The first of these developments days takes place at Cooson Park, Sheffield on 4th November 2023. The next one takes place at Coventry CS club on 9th December 2023..

Places are limited to 8 candidates per course.

The cost is just £110 which compares favourably with the previous cost of £1100 for the old level 1 and level 2 courses.

Candidates gaining this qualification will be able to coach cycle speedway and be fully covered by B C insurance.

There are still a few clubs within the sport who do not have a qualified coach, these include Edinburgh, Glasgow, Birmingham and Leicester.

Further courses will be rolled out to every region in 2024

It would be beneficial to the sport if all clubs could attain this coaching award.

Further information is available via Patricia Quirke at British Cycling.