DRAWS: 2023 Federation Cup

The 2023 Federation Cups open the World Championships in the early hours of Saturday morning UK time. The draws were made for the team positions in the programmes earlier today UK time at Findon and are listed below:

Over 40’s: 1 Australia, 2 Poland, 3 Great Britain
Junior: 1 Australia, 2 Great Britain, 3 Poland
Women: 1 Great Britain, 2 Australia, 3 Rest of the World
Senior: 1 Poland, 2 Great Britain, 3 Australia

Start times are as follows:

Over 40’s: 1.30am UK time, midday local time
Junior: 3.30am UK time, 2pm local time
Women: 5.30am UK time, 4pm local time
Senior: 7.30am UK time,6pm local time