RESULTS: Monday’s action at Findon

The World Championships returned to Findon on Monday with 2 Test matches, one between Australia & Great Britain for Juniors and one between Poland & Great Britain for Seniors. Full results below:


Australia 89: Bradley Williams 20, Cody Thomson 15, Locke Pearce 15, Blake Frencken 12, Blade Blatchford 10, Connor McCormick 8, Josh Candy 5, Ryan Kinghts 4

Great Britain 85: JJ Wildman 17, Shaun Kell 14, Feroze Langoo 14, Kenzie Bennett 13, James Porter 10, Leon Penketh 10, George Whale 4, Harvey Yard 3


Poland 93: Arek Szymański 19, Mikołaj Menz 18, Dawid Bas 17, Lukas Nowacki 15, Damian Natonski 10, Mateusz Ludwiczak 7, Radosław Morawiak 4, Jakub Sawinski 3

Great Britain 84: Lewis Foxley 14, Chris Timms 14, Josh Brooke 14, Ben Mould 13, Paul heard 11, Leon Mower 7, James Porter 7, Feroze Langoo 6

Referee for both matches: Cody Chadwick (Australia)

There are 2 more test matches tomorrow and these are at Salisbury where Great Britain & Australia meet in the 2nd Over 40’s test match which starts at 8.30am UK time (7pm local time) That is followed by a match between Australia & Poland at Junior level which is scheduled to start at 9.30am UK time (8pm Local time)