RESULTS: Tuesday’s results from Salisbury

Salisbury staged their first action of the 2023 World Championships on Tuesday with the 2nd Over 40’s teat match between Great Britain & Australia which was won by Australia who scored 102 points to Great Britain’s 77. This was followed by the first ever Junior test match between Australia and Poland which was drawn at 90 points each. Full scores from both matches are listed below:

Over 40’s

Great Britain 77: Craig Marchant 16, Gavin Wheeler 14, Steve Harris 11, Dave Murphy 10, Paddy Wenn 9, Jason Ashford 8, Andy Yard 7, Lee Ashman 2

Australia 102: Adam Haldenby 18, Brad Hoppo 15, Daniel Pudney 15, Matt Gentle 13, Cody Ball 12, Dom Tiani 11, Paul White 10, Warren Corbett 8

Referee: Tomasz Włodarczyk (Poland)


Poland 90: Arras Graczk 15, Paweł Szkludarek 13, Dawid Lis 13, Igor Domagala 12, Kosma Sikorski 10, Jakub Ignys 10, Oskar Dusinski 9, Filip Kowalski 8

Australia 90: Brad Williams 18, Cody Thomson 17, Blake Frencken 16, Blade Blatchford 14, Ryan Knights 10, Locke Pearce 10, Josh Candy 3, Aiden McCormick 2

Referee: Steve Copping (Ireland)

Le Fevre stages its first events of the championships tomorrow where the first Individual action takes place with 2 Pre-Qualifying rounds. The first one is for the Seniors as they have 66 entries so 18 riders will compete in a pre-qualifier to reduce their numbers to 16 to complete their quarter final line-ups. This event starts at 7.30am UK time (6pm local time) and is followed at 8.30am UK time (7pm local time) by a pre-qualifying round for the Grand Veterans World Individual Championship. 22 riders originally entered but that is expected to be reduced to 21 as Lee Ashman suffered a heavy fall during the Over 40’s test match at Salisbury, landing on the collarbone that he broke at the Home International at Newport in June. The action is rounded off with a Senior Test Match between Australia & Poland which is scheduled to start at 10am UK time (8.30pm local time)