RESULTS: Results from a busy night in Australia

There was action at both Salisbury and Findon in the World Championships with the 2 World Junior Individual Semi-Finals and an Over 40’s World Individual Qualifier at Salisbury whilst Findon staged the 2nd Women’s Test Match between Great Britain and Australia plus the 2 other Over 40’s World Individual Qualifiers. All the results are listed below:

World Junior Individual Semi-Final 1

Cody Thomson (Australia) 19, Aras graczk (Poland) 18, Blake Frencken (Australia) 17, Kosma Sikorski (Poland) 16, Leon Penketh (England) 15, Oskar Dusinski (Poland) 15, Connor McCormick (Australia) 15, Feroze Langoo (England) 15, Harvey Yard (England) 11, Connor Scriven (Australia) 11, Josh Candy (Australia) 10, George Whale (England) 9, Bradley Curnow (Australia) 8, Seth Gentle (Australia) 7

Referee: Dawid Bas (Poland)

World Junior Individual Semi-Final 2

Kenzie Bennett (England) 20, Paweł Szkludarek (Poland) 19, JJ Wildman (England) 18, Igor Domagala (Poland) 15, Filip Kowalski (Poland) 15, Torsten Jolly (England) 14, Oliver Saunders (England) 14, Shaun Kell (England) 13, Bradley Williams (Australia) 12, Dawid Lis (Poland) 11, Aiden McCormick (Australia) 10, Sonny Whale (England) 10, Ryan Knights (Australia) 9, Dimitri Kondilis (Australia) 8

Referee (Dawid Bas (Poland)

World Over 40’s Individual Qualifier 1

Lukasz Rajewski (Poland) 19, Jacek Wleklik (Poland) 18, Andre Cross (England) 17, Adam Haldenby (Australia) 16, Brad Hoppo (Australia) 15, Arek Dudek (Poland) 14, Andrew Blatchford (Australia) 13, Jason Ashford (England) 13, Sam Rochester (Australia) 13, Brad Delmenico (Australia) 13, Steve Copping (Ireland) 10, Ian Lawrence (England) 10, Andrew Nieuwenhoven (Australia) 9

Referee: Radek Morawiak (Poland)

World Over 40’s Individual Qualifier 2

Paweł Kozlowski (Poland) 20, Gavin Wheeler (England) 18, Paul White (Australia) 17, Andy Yard (England) 17, Daniel Pudney (Australia) 17, Paddy Wenn (Ireland) 15, Steve Harris (England) 15, Rob Fleming (Australia) 13, Rob Matthews (Australia) 12, Darrel Candy (Australia) 11, Gary Lawrence (England) 10,

Referee: Steve Dennison (Australia)

World Over 40’s Individual Qualifier 3

Lukas Nowacki (Poland) 20, Matt Gentle (Australia) 19, Daniel Kubiak (Poland) 17, Tomasz Włodarczyk (Poland) 17, Craig Marchand (England) 17, Warren Corbett (Australia) 15, Dom Tiani (Australia) 14, Michal Szmaj (Poland) 13, Beau Hastings (Australia) 12, Adam Labedzki (Poland) 11, Danny Ricketts (Australia) 10, Darren Matthews (Australia) 9, Richard Bunting (Australia) 9

Referee: Bob Osborne (Australia)

Women’s Test Match No.2

Australia 78: Lucy Millikin 17, Kayleigh Clarke 14, Hannah Williams 13, Talia McKinley 11, Nicola Gentle 8, Makaylah Cooper 8, Holly Greenhalgh 7

Great Britain 72: Lizzie Rigley 17, Rebekah Humphries 16, Nataleigh Goulden 14, Maddie Saunders 11, Samantha- Jayne Marsh 7, Amy Baynes 7

Referee: Steve Dennison (Australia)

Tomorrow’s action will be the World Senior Individual Quarter-Finals and these will be staged at both Salisbury and Findon with 2 matches at Each track. Scheduled start times are 8.30am and 10am UK time (76pm and 8.30pm local time)