RESULTS: World Cup Day at Le Fevre

For the first time Le Fevre played host to the World Cups including the Women’s And also the Over 40’s World Cups, both of which were being staged in Australia for the first time

The day opened with a run-off between Steve Copping, Ian Lawrence, Gary Lawrence and Danny Ricketts to decide the last 2 places in the semi-finals for the Over 40’s World Championship. Ian Lawrence won this ahead of Ricketts who pipped Copping on the run-in to the finish line with Gary Lawrence 4th.

The Women’s World Cup followed and was nip and tuck all the way with the outcome not decided until heat 12. Australia had finished their races with 42 points but had to wait on the outcome of heat 12 featuring Poland and England with England needing a 7-3 maximum to clinch the win. They could only share the heat as Australia won with 42 points ahead of England on 40 and Poland on 37

Australia 42: Lucy Millikin 13, Tahlia McKinley 12, Hannah Williams 11, Kayleigh Clarke 6, Holly Greenhalgh 0

England 40: Maddie Saunders 10, Nataleigh Goulden 10, Lizzie Rigley 10, Rebekah Humphries 10, Samantha-Jayne Marsh dnr

Poland 37: Fryderika Wojciechowska 16, Zuzanna Klett 12, Julia Graczyk 5, Alicia Hamara 4

Referee: Kevin Wells (England)

The Over 40’s World Cup followed and was dominated by Poland who won with 70 points ahead of England on 57, Australia on 49 and Ireland on 18

Poland 70: Paweł Kozlowski 19, Tomasz Włodarczyk 18, Lukas Nowacki 15, Lukasz Rajewski 12, Daniel Kubiak 6

England 57: Gavin Wheeler 18, Craig Marchant 15, Jason Ashford 10, Steve Harris 10, Andy Yard 4

Australia 49: Matt Gentle 16, Paul White 10, Dan Pudney 10, Adam Haldenby 10, Brad Hoppo 3

Ireland 18: John Murphy 7, Paddy Wenn 6, Steve Copping 5

Referee: Cody Chadwick (Australia)

The Junior World Cup was the next event and just like in the Over 40’s World Cup the Poland youngsters matched their Over 40’s with victory on 70 points ahead of England on 62 and Australia on 38

Poland 70: Arras Graczyk 22, Jakub Sawinski 17, Radek Morawiak 14, Kosma Sikorski 9, Paweł Szkludarek 8

England 62: JJ Wildman 15, Kenzie Bennett 14, Feroze Langoo 13, Leon Penketh 12, Lewis Foxley 8

Australia 38: Blade Blatchford 12, Blake Frencken 8, Cody Thomson 7, Brad Williams 7, Locke Pearce 4

Referee: Steve Dennison (Australia)

The Senior World Cup was won by Australia for the 3rd time with 61 points but they were pushed all the way by Poland & England in a battle for 2nd and 3rd that went to the 20th and last heat. Australia had already sealed victory in the previous race as they went into the last heat with 59 points with Poland & England on 54 each. Arek Szymanski won the final heat from Torsten Jolly to seal the runners-up spot for Poland. Cody Chadwick’s 3rd place in the final heat gave Australia a total of 61 points. Ireland finished 4th with 23 points

Australia 61: Joel Chadwick 17, Cody Chadwick 16, Daniel Robb 14, Ty Geertsen 9, Bobby McMillan 5

Poland 58: Arek Szymański 17, Dawid Bas 15, Mikołaj Menz 12, Lukas Nowacki 10, Patryk Kriger 4

England 57: Josh Brooke 15, Chris Timms 14, Lewis Foxley 13, Paul Heard 9, Torsten Jolly 6

Ireland 23: Chris Bull 5, Leon Mower 5, Owen Wells 5, Steve Copping 5, Paddy Wenn 3

Referee: Steve Dennison (Australia)

Tomorrow’s action is also at Le Fevre where the 2nd Junior Test Between Great Britain and Australia gets underway at 1.30am UK time (12 noon local time). This is followed by a pre-qualifier at 3.30am UK time (2pm local time) for the Women to determine the line-up for their World Final at Salisbury next Saturday. The day is rounded off with the 2nd Senior Test between Great Britain & Australia at 5.30am UK time (4pm Local time)