RESULTS: World Championships Day 9

Day 9 of the World Championships saw the action take place at Le Fevre where the 2nd Junior & Senior Test matches between Great Britain and Australia took place either side of the pre-qualifying round for the Women’s World Individual Championship. The Junior test match was the first event of the day and this saw Great Britain level the series with a win by 95 points to 82

Great Britain 95: Kenzie Bennett 19, Torsten Jolly 18, Leon Penketh 17, JJ Wildman 10, Oliver Saunders 10, Feroze Langoo 9, Lewis Foxley 9, Shaun Kell 3

Australia 83: Blake Frencken 16, Brad Williams 15, Cody Thomson 13, Blade Blatchford 12, Ryan Knights 9, Locke Pearce 8, Connor McCormick 6, Josh Candy 4

Referee: Arek Szymański (Poland)

The Women’s Pre-Qualifying Round followed and this saw Maddie Saunders, Lucy Millikin, Rebekah Humphries, Taylor Hoffman, Nataleigh Goulden, Fryderika Wojciechowska, Hannah Williams, Zuzanna Klett, Lizzie Rigley, Nicola Gentle, Talia McKinlay, Kayleigh Clarke, Matisyn Smith, Holly Greenhalgh, Harleigh Rochester and Jackie Kinross all qualify for the final with Lilee Hancock and Alicia Hamars the 2 reserves

Referee: Bob Osborne (Australia)

The Senior Test match saw Australia retain the Harley/Witham Shield with victory by 95 points to 82

Australia 95: Joel Chadwick 17, Bobby McMillan 13, Ty Geertsen 12, Cody Chadwick 12, Braylan Macdonald 12, Matty Snowden 11, Shane Bentley 10, Daniel Robb 8

Great Britain 82: Ben Mould 15, Paul Heard 13, Chris Timms 12, Lewis Foxley 11, Josh Brooke 11, Torsten Jolly 9, Feroze Langoo 8, James Porter 3

Referee: Tomasz Włodarczyk (Poland)

Tomorrow the action moves to Findon where there is a Pre-Qualifying Round for the Under 16 Boys World Championship which starts at 7.30am UK time (6pm local time). This will be followed by the semi-finals for the Over 40’s World Championship which are scheduled to start at 8.30am and 10am UK time respectively (7pm and 8.20pm local time