PREVIEW: British Indoor Championship Day 2

Day 2 of the British Indoor Championships on Sunday 14th January gets underway at 9.30am with a pre-qualifier for the Over 40’s where Nicky Whitehead, Chris Ward, Jason Ashford, Richard Edge, Craig Whitehead, Matt Wakefield, David martin, Andy Yard, Steve Paver, Kevin Burns, Toby Millen, Steve Harris, Colin Rowles, Steve Hammond, Paul Timms, Alan Nation, Rob Geach, Martin Phillips, Mark Whitehead and Craig Marchant will bid to be one of the 16 finalists

This will be followed by an Open Pre-qualifier at 10.30am where 25 riders will compete to qualify for the semi-finals where they will join the 14 riders who qualified for last year’s final and are seeded to the semi-finals on this occasion. The pre-qualifier will be contested by Jake Slight, Matt Wakefield, Owen Wells, Andy Yard, Craig Nethercott, Nathan Groves, Paul Timms, Richard felgett, Noah Woodhouse, Steve Harris, Finley Myall, Leon Penketh, Douglas Morgan, Jack Herbert, Oliver Saunders, Harry Langdale, James Porter, JJ Wildman, Scott Millward, Craig Marchant, Brandon Whetton, Ryker Jolly, Owen Geach, Fraser Garnett and Martin Phillips. The 2 semi-finals will take place at 11.45 and 1pm

The Over 40’s Final will take place at 2.15pm which will be followed by the Women’s Final at 3.30pm. The Women’s Final will be contested by Elizabeth Rigley, Lily Parr, Lauren Hookway, Emma Johnson, Charlie-Jane Herbert, Shannon Tucker, Charlotte Geach, Ella Case, Rachel Lammin, Emily Burgess, Lucy Whitehead, Maddie Saunders, Nataleigh Goulden and Laura Watson. The 2023 British Indoor Championships will conclude with the Open Individual Final at 4.45pm