FEATURE: GoPros at the ready!

Some of this article is incorrect – please see our follow up article HERE for statement from British Cycling.

There is a common misconception that British Cycling have banned GoPros from being worn in official matches. This isn’t the case, GoPros are 100% allowed, but positioned under the saddle only. Helmet, handlebars and chest mounts are all still not permitted due to risk of injury.

Helmet mounts, like shown here, are not permitted in competition

Helmet mounts, like shown here, are not permitted in competition. Photo by Paul Devine.

This will come as some consolation to riders who have purchased on board cams and certainly spectators, as we can finally get some decent onboard rear facing action. This may not be particularly the camera angle a rider who has the GoPro attached necessarily wants, however for fans of the sport, there’s a great opportunity to see either a battle behind or even a rider attempting a pass.

Coventry’s Dan Drewett caught this great battle between Chris Jewkes and Bobby McMillan a few weeks ago and also his evasive action when the leader of the race, Carl Parfitt, slipped off.

Wednesfield Dragons v Coventry – Heat 17 drama. Dragons need a 5-5 to win the match, Parfitt washes out whilst leading a…

Posted by 3318 News on Monday, 6 April 2015

So, with the Elite League firing back into action this weekend, it would be great to see what footage people can get from under their saddles. Nothing truly highlights the speed and bravery required to compete in our sport better than on board action!