RESULTS: Northern BYJL from Astley and Tyldesley

Here are the results from todays Northern British Youth and Junior League from Astley and Tyldesley.

Under 8s

A FINAL: 1st Joe Brownell (Sh); 2nd Duncan Whalley (Bu); 3rd Max Quarmby (A/T); 4th Lucy Grantham (A/T):

B FINAL: 1st Kaci Neath (Bu); 2nd Lewis Bemrose (Sh):

Referee Chas Whalley

Under 10s

A FINAL: 1st John White (A/T); 2nd Jack Brownell (Sh); 3rd Joe Quarmby (A/T); 4th Logan Perkins (Sh):

B FINAL: 1st Harry Radford (Bu); 2nd Jack Murray (A/T); 3rd Jack Littler (A/T); 4th Tom Deakin (Bu):

C FINAL: 1st Angel Etheridge (Bu); 2nd Hermoine Whalley (Bu):

Referee Chas Whalley

Under 12s

A.FINAL: 1st Tom Whitwam (Sh); 2nd Louis Turner (Bu); 3rd Daniel Miller (Bu); 4th Josh Neath (Bu):

Referee Alan Taylor

Under 14s

A FINAL: 1st Michael Preston (St); 2nd Max Evans (A/T); 3rd Sam Haines (Sh); 4th Devon Campbell (St);

B FINAL: 1st Daniel Rushton (Sh); 2nd Louis Wright (St); 3rd Kaysar Mohammedi (Bu); 4th Sean Etheridge (Bu):

Referee Alan Taylor

Under 17s

A FINAL: 1st Reece Pollitt (A/T); 2nd Adam Watson (A/T); 3rd Ed Morton (Sh); 4th Ciaran Collins (A/T):

Referee Mike Hack


A FINAL: 1st Alice Unwin (Sh):

Referee Mike Hack

Team Scores

Sheffield 127; Astley & Tyldesley 112; Bury 88; Stockport 32:

33 Riders