RESULTS: Elite League round one

In a match that lived up to expectations for action with a healthy crowd, Coventry came out on top against Ipswich in round one of the 2016 Elite League.

Elite League Round One

Coventry 100 – 94 Ipswich

Elite League Exhibition Match

Birmingham 93 – 96 Wednesfield

Swindon 40th Anniversary Individual

1st Mark Carmichael (Newport)
2nd Steve Harris (Swindon)
3rd Lewis Osbourne (Horspath)
4th Jake Neighbour (Swindon)

Intermediate Event

1st Chris Davies (Newport)
2nd Jim Bailey (Swindon)
3rd Sean Bennett (Newport)

Northern League Division 2

Northumbria 80 – 70 Glasgow (NL2)

Northumbria 36 – 0 Glasgow (NL3)