RESULTS: Back to regional racing today

After a 2 week break for Battle of Britain and also the European Championships it was back to regional racing today as the play-offs approach. Results below

Midland League

Division One

Leicester – Coventry

Division Two

Leicester – Coventry

Division Three

Leicester – Coventry

Gold Cup

East Park – Wednesfield

North and Scotland League

Division One

Bury 105-72 Edinburgh

Adam Turnbull(Bury) beat Jake Slight(Edinburgh) for match race title

Hull 97-74 Stockport

Sheffield 87-93 Astley

Astley & Tyldesley win Northern League 1 championship

Division Two

Bury 78-71 Edinburgh

Hull 103-62 Stockport

Hull score includes 25 penalty points for use of restricted rider

Sheffield 81-68 Astley

Division Three

Bury 46-26 Edinburgh

Hull 136-15 Stockport

Sheffield 30-82 Astley

South East and East League

Division One

Ipswich 104-74 Kesgrave

Hethersett 99-81 Hellingly

Division Two

East London 65-90 Great Blakenham

Ipswich 73-85 Kesgrave

Kesgrave win South-East & East Division 2

Hethersett 113-76 Hellingly

Hethersett score includes 30 penalty points for use of restricted riders

Youth League

Ipswich 61-68 Kesgrave

Kesgrave win South-East & East Youth League


Photo by Andy Whitehouse