RESULTS: CS Cup Regional Play-offs

Today was CS Cup Regional Play-off day and the results are listed below. The winning team from each play-off match goes on to represent their region in the CS Cup Final at Poole on September 23rd

North & Scotland Play-off at Astley & Tylsesley

Astley & Tyldesley 102

Bury 86

Stockport 76

Hull 30

South-East & Eastern Play-off at Ipswich

Great Blakenham 96

Ipswich 95

Kesgrave 70

Hethersett 55

Consolation Cup

Norwich 105

Hellingly 102

East London 58

South & South Wales Play-off at Poole

Poole 117

Horspath 101

Newport 66

Exeter DNR

Midlands Play-off at Wednesfield

Wednesfield 94

Birmingham 92

Coventry 85

Leicester 44

Featured image by Andy Whitehouse