RESULTS: 4 World Champions crowned at Salisbury

The first 4 of 9 World Individual Champions were crowned on Friday night at Salisbury as the Under 19 Girls, under 16 Boys , under 21 Men’s and also the Grand Veterans World Finals were contested

The Under 19 Girls opened the proceedings and this saw Poland’s Zuzanna Klett take the title with a maximum score. Poole’s Maddie Saunders finished as runner-up, dropping her only point to Klett in the opening race. Hannah Williams and Rebekah Humphries tied on 17 points for 3rd so had to contest a run-off which was won by the Australian rider

Zuzanna Klett (Poland) 20, Maddie Saunders (England) 19, Hannah Williams (Australia) 17, Rebekah Humphries (England) 17, Nataleigh Goulden (England) 15, Matisyn Smith (Australia) 14, Caitlin Knights (australia) 13, Makaylah Cooper (Australia) 12, Lille Hancock (Australia) 12, Kimberley Williams (Australia) 10, Talia McKinley (Australia) 10, Jemimah Rochester (Australia) 9, Brooklyn Taheny (Australia) 8

Referee (Steve Copping (Ireland)

The Under 16 Boys World Championship was the next to be decided and This saw Poland’s Pawel Szkludarek take the title with 19 points, dropping his only point to Leon Penketh in heat 19. Penketh’s win in that race gave him a total of 18 points and the runner-up spot whilst 3rd place was taken by Poland’s Are Graczyk who defeated Shaun Kell in a run-off after both riders had scored 17 points

Paweł Szkludarek (Poland) 19, Leon Penketh (England) 18, Arek Graczyk (Poland) 17, Shaun kel (England) 17, Kenzie Bennett (England) 16, Cody Thomson (Australia) 14, JJ Wildman (England) 13, Oskar Dusinski (Poland) 13, Oliver Saunders (England) 12, Sonny Whale (England) 12, George Whale (England) 11, Aiden McCormick (Australia) 10, Connor McCormick (Australia) 9, Josh Candy (Australia) 8, Rowan Powell (Australia) 6, Harvey Trad (England) 5

Referee Bob Osborne (Australia)

The Under 21 Men’s World Championship followed and this saw Polish Champion Mikolaj Menz take the title with 18 points, dropping his only points in heat 3 where he finished 3rd but was undefeated after that. Lewis Foxley continued the good form he has been showing on the tour with a fine 2nd place with 17 points with Poland’s Kosma Sykorski completing the top 3 after defeating Australian rider Brad Williams in a run-off after both riders had scored 16 points

Mikolaj Menz (Poland) 18, Lewis Foxley (England) 17, Kosma Sikorski (Poland) 16, Brad Williams (Australia) 16, Jakub Sawinski (Poland) 15, Braylan Macdonald (Australia) 15, Radek Morawiak (Poland) 14, Torsten Jolly (England) 13, Blade Blatchford (Australia) 12, James Porter (England) 11, Locke Pearce (Australia) 11, Blake Frencken (Australia) 10, Jakub Ignys (Poland) 10, Igor Domagala (Poland) 9, Ryan Knights (Australia) 7, Dawid Lis (Poland) 5

The Grand Veterans then took to the track to decide their 2nd ever Champion and this came down to a run-off for the title between 2 former Swindon team-mates Paul White and Steve Harris, both of whom score 19 points. Harris dropped his only point in heat 12 to White who in turn dropped his only point to Jason Ashford in heat 18. It was White who clinched the run-off for the title with Harris 2nd and Brad Hoppo 3rd. Ashford finished in a tie for 4th after winning his last 4 races following a gate exclusion in his opening ride.

Paul White (Australia) 19, Steve Harris (England) 18, brad Hoppo (Australia) 18, Jason Ashford (England) 16, Warren Corbett (Australia) 16, Dave Murphy (Wales) 15, Paddy Wenn (Ireland) 13, Arek Dudek (Poland) 12, Ian Lawrence (England) 11, Rob Fleming (Australia) 9, Andrew Blatchford (Australia) 9, Andrew Nieuwenhoven (Australia) 9, Andre Cross (England) 9 (withdrew after 3rd ride), Adam Labedzki (Poland) 8, Danny Ricketts (Australia) 7, Steve Clarke (Australia) 4, Brad Delmenico (Australia) (Res) 4

Referee: Arek Szymański (Poland)

5 more World Individual Champions will be crowned at Salisbury tomorrow, starting with the Under 16 Girls at 12.30am UK time (11am local time), followed by the Over 40’s at 2.30am UK time (1pm Local time), the Juniors at 4.30am UK time (3pm local time), the Women at 6.30am UK time (5pm local time) and the Senior World Final takes place at 8.30am UK time (7pm local time)