NEWS: Promo events success for Coventry

Coventry Cycle Speedway club have been promoting the sport in the last 72 hours, taking part in two highly successful promotional events that look set to provide more recruits to the Hearsall Common based club.

The club were the headline attraction at the Coventry Cycle Festival in Broadgate, Coventry City Centre last Saturday. There was a temporary track marked-out and Saturday shoppers could have a go at the sport on Coventry CSC club bikes.

An impressive promotional stand featured rolling coverage of the glittering 2013 British Final at Hearsall Common on TV monitors, specially printed fliers were handed out and the club `pop-up` promo stand was also on display.

The Coventry CSC team were led by star rider Myke Grimes, PR guru Shaun Reynolds and parents Darren Sawbridge, Dave Morris, Colin Walters and Peter Dickinson. Junior riders Dan Drewett, Levi Walters, Ollie Morris, Adam Dickinson and Spencer Sawbridge also mounted several demonstration races.

Efforts to promote the sport in the Godiva city then switched to the club headquarters at Hearsall Common on Monday evening. The club teamed-up with one of their many sponsors – Cycle Coventry – to stage a `university challenge` event for local cycling enthusiasts for staff and students from the two universities in the city.

An excellent turnout of almost twenty riders enjoyed a 90 minute taster session hosted by Richard Smith, a great supporter of the club. Support backing came from the Marsh family – Lee, Karen, Josh and Sammi – which featured a mini match at the end. Surprisingly, the evening also attracted several juniors.

Coventry are hoping that some of their excellent work will pay-off this Wednesday night at their increasingly popular `club night`. New riders will hopefully be distributed to teams in the new Coventry Junior League.

Myke Grimes said: “Coventry have deservedly gained a reputation for their pro-active and imaginative promotional work over the years. These two major events were excellent examples of this and we look forward mounting further promotional events in future”.