NEWS: Women’s star Brown fractures elbow

Women’s Great Britain captain and reigning British Indoor Cycle Speedway Women’s champion, Vicky Brown, has fractured her elbow in a nasty smash at Northumbria yesterday.

Brown tangled with the Viking’s Wharrier down the back straight at Cramlington, whilst racing in the division two fixture for Sheffield. After getting her elbow checked out, the damage of a fractured elbow was confirmed. Hopefully the injury won’t require a plaster and she’ll be back in action in the near future.

It was the day for nasty spills yesterday as Josh Marsh of Coventry had to receive paramedic treatment at Ashmore Park after an alarming crash over the bars onto his neck and collarbone, in a similar incident to Vicky’s. He was on the track for almost an hour, whilst paramedics took extra care as the extent of his neck injuries were unclear. Thankfully after a lengthly visit to A&E via ambulance and X-rays Josh was allowed home, albeit beaten up and bruised.

We wish both Josh and Vicky a speedy recovery.