MATCH REPORT: Team GB’s MacLean impresses on Cycle Speedway debut

Former Team GB Olympic Rider, Craig MacLean, came through unscathed on his Cycle Speedway debut at Hull CSC yesterday. It was perhaps an unfamiliar Hull side, but the experience took the multi-medallist back to his early days riding the loose dirt BMX tracks.

It was disappointing home favourite, British Champion Andy Angell, was off on a holiday break, but more appearances for MacLean to appear on the cards next year, hasn’t been ruled out. These clashes may have livened this end-of-season encounter and a trade of mutual advice, with the British Champion’s Velodrome sessions prior to his holiday.
Falcons held an 18 point lead at the interval of the Division One match. Hull consolidated more in the second half, 7 of the 9 Heats were drawn, with the visitors taking the other two races with maximum Heat wins for an overall 77-103 score.


Multi-medalist Craig MacLean gets to grips with Cycle Speedway

Falcons won the Division 2 match (99 – 51) earning a title Play-Off with Sheffield, at the tidy Cramlington, North of Newcastle track, next Sunday.

Division 1 scores

Hull 77
Sam Schofield 17, Nathan Everett 16, Lewis Alymer 15, David Cooper 11 +3, Josh Bellis 6, James Lister 5, David Lister 4, Charlie Wade 3.

Edinburgh 103
Mikey Hewitson 18 +2, Kamil Greszla 16 +1, Craig MacLean 16 +1, Neil McPherson 15 +1, Lee Lawrence 11 +1, Marcin Czarkowski 10 +4, Douglas Morgan 9 +1, Neil Swanson 8 +1.