MATCH REPORT: Chadwick Australian champion at Le Fevre

Poole’s Pete Barnes is currently down under and has kindly agreed to fill us in on all of the action from South Australia. Starting with the 2014 Australian Open Individual Champions that took place at Le Fevre this weekend.

Over the weekend the progressive Le Fevre Club staged the 2014 Australian Open Individual Championships.

In the senior event Salisbury based Cody Chadwick took the major podium position from Cameron Crisp, Shane Weinert and ever improving junior Shane Bentley.

Overall scores : Cody Chadwick 15, Cameron Crisp 15, Shane Weinert 14, Shane Bentley 14,
Ty Geertsen 13, Brad Hoppo 12, Ryan Edson 11, Daniel Thompson 10, Tyrone Walters 9, Robert Sellick 9, Paul White 9, Ryan Greenhalgh 7, Tony Bax 6, Anthony Fathers 4, Ben Blaker 3.

In the Division 2 event it was Brodie Charlson who captured the main award from Angus Freeman and Corey Stevens.

Overall scores: Brodie Charlson 15, Angus Freeman 9, Corey Stevens 9, Jake Matthews 8,
Conner Whelan 6, Andrew Wilkie 3.

Photos and more results are coming tomorrow.