NEWS: Birmingham to increase links to local schools

Birmingham Monarchs held their AGM on Tuesday evening, with most of the senior members voted back into their roles.

Phil Widdas continues as Chairman with Richard Stevenson set to continue his excellent role in press and media. Chris Timms was voted as club captain, a role he takes great pride in. The transfers of Ricki Johnson and Matt Smith were confirmed. Steve Hodgkinson is set to continue as Youth coach.

The club are set to use Thursdays as `kids training nights`, which will help with links to local schools. Bob Prince is set to lead this way forward. Tuesdays will continue to be regular training nights with Wednesdays set aside for regular mid week racing training as well.

Birmingham’s next training session is set for Saturday 14th February 1PM -3PM with regular Sunday sessions starting on Sunday 22nd Feb. Work on the track, along with looking at funding are set to start in the coming weeks.